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Bad areas to live in Berlin

By Traveller July 11, 2017

Bad areas to live in Berlin

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By Despina Traveller July 11, 2017

Hey everyone! I would like to live in Berlin and i am looking for an appartment. Which areas should i avoid? Thank you!

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What specifically are you looking for? Berlin is massive (to reach my friend who lives in a neighborhood opposite town it takes a good hour by public transport). You probably want to look close to work/school or at least a commute you can live with.

Berlin has some super hip areas that I would never want to live in, but I have friends who love it. Some of the trendiest areas have issues with crime, drug-dealing, noise and extremely expensive rents.

The neighborhood I live in is considered really boring to the point most people forget it's there. There's very few "hip" places. But it's worked well for me.
Local July 14, 2017
Hey Rachel,
thanks for your answer. I am looking for a quite area close to the city center, without crime and drugs. Do you have to recommend me some? Thanks!
Hey there, all areas are pretty safe inside the ring bahn, you get he usual pickpockets at busy train stations and my ground floor flat got broken into once (we left a window open), but nothing that would make me feel unsafe, just vigilant like you would be in any city, but nowhere inside the ring springs to mind as unsafe..