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7 days in Berlin

By Traveller August 15, 2017

7 days in Berlin

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By Mizar Traveller August 15, 2017

Hello everyone!

I'm heading to Berlin with my family next week, and we're going to stay there for 7 days. I'm planning the route ahead, and I would like to know your opinion about a few things:

First of all, I would like to know which places I must visit. So far, we're doing a tour of Berlin, I have one day reserved for Potsdam, I have tickets for the Reichstag's dome and we're planning to visit the cathedral, Sony Center, East Side Gallery, the Holocaust memorial and so on. Which other things do you recommend?

Second, I would like to know if you recommend to get tickets to the Fernsehturm, since it's around 70 euros in total and I've been told it's only a nice view.

Also, I'm open to suggestions about restaurants for families
and other activities we should do.

Thank you so much for your help!

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Here is the program I prepared for my mum and sis when they visited me. This is very exhaustive, I'd be suprised if you need any other resource after this.

You'll notice a lot of them are tours, do not actually join all of them, but consider them as pointers to areas worth exploring: https://pastebin.com/2GUu20LA
Local August 15, 2017
That's actually incredible. Wow. Thank you SO much! The tour we have booked is from one of this pages, so I'm definitely going to study all the other options!
I recommand https://www.tierpark-berlin.de/de, also with bigger children. Me and my daughter ( 23 ) were there a few weeks ago... it's really phantastic!
Also nice is to make a tour with the boat! https://www.berlin.de/tourismus/dampferfahrten/schiffstouren-schifffahrten/2484915-2502534-schiffstour-brueckenfahrt-23-kilometer-k.html
Have fun!
Local August 15, 2017
Nice places to eat with kids:
- Schleusenkrug (Biergarten with grill food, salads, Flammkuchen and changing menu). Not as loud as the other Biergärten and good food.
- Arrang Korean Restaurant, Uhlandstraße 194. This is so totally un-fancy. Looks like a school cafeteria. So if your kids throw something on the floor you won't get nervous. The food is authentic and really good. Koreans go there.
- Chinese Soup? Excellent at Long Men's Noodle House at Kantstraße.
- Everybody wants something different? Well, go to the Markthalle Moabit where you get everything from organic burgers to authentic Berliner Dishes (Imbiss at the entrance, dare things like Sülze, Kohlrouladen oder Leber). Its an old market hall and an an interesting visit as well. There are two alternatives in Kreuzberg among which I prefer Markthalle Neun but like the Area around Markthalle Marheinekeplatz. Strolling Bergmannstraße is always nice.
Local August 15, 2017
Hola Mizar!

Skip the Fernsehturm (its really just a nice view) and climb Siegessäule in the middle of Tiergarten (loooots of steps but if the kids ale older than 5 or so they will love it) or enter the Panoramapunkt at Potsdamer Platz /Family Ticket is 17,50 E). Or do both.

If you have some time to check in advance try to get a tour with Berliner Unterwelten to see old bunkers or subway tunnels.

See the old Stasi Zentrale in Ruschestraße 103 where you can actually visit the original office of the GDR chief of secret service.

Visit Tempelhofer Feld for two lazy hours. Walk the old runway, watch kite skateboarders and have a lemonade.

Want to see an authentic piece of Hanoi in Berlin? Dong Xuan Center is where you get everything from food to blinking toys. I have never eaten more authentic vietnamese outside Vietnam. Crowded on weekends.

If you are into photography don't miss c/o Berlin and Helmut Newton foundation which are located right next to each other close to Bahnhof Zoo. There are three exhibitions in C/O now and a small but great Mario Testing exhibition in the Newton museum.

After that stroll through Bikini Berlin and have a Drink with a great view over City West and Zoo at the Monkey Bar. Crowded on weekends and sometimes evenings.

Have fun!
Local August 15, 2017
Thank you so much! The youngest one coming is 15 y/o, so I will make sure to check Siegessäule. I'm going to look into all these options and check with my family... I think we will have to go to the Monkey Bar, I have seen many places where they recommend it! Again, thanks!
Your Kids are 15 and older? Why didn't you say :-))

Be the coolest dad on earth an visit Teufelsberg:
https://teufelsberg-berlin.de (a former CIA intercept station, a Berlin icon, a lost place, a great panoramic point!)

Have a burger at Windburger (Windscheidstraße next to S-Bahnhof Charlottenburg). Its going to be crowded but cool.

PS: the Mario Testing Exhibition has some nudity.
Stephan Local August 15, 2017
Final Escape Berlin
Stasi Prison Break-Out

Quite expensive but really great - you have one hour to escape from a Stasi Prison. I did it with teenagers and we all really liked it a lot.
Stephan Local August 15, 2017
Those seem like interesting options too! I have a lot of new information now to go through, thank you! Now, all I have left to do is make a compilation to put it in common with the other adults!
Fernsehturm really has a nice view and only an mediocre coffee place which is turning all 360 degrees in a hour. There is a hotel (Park Inn) opposite the tower. from the visitors platform you have a great view at the Fernsehturm

Local August 15, 2017