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Where is The best nightclub in Berlin ?

By Traveller August 19, 2017

Where is The best nightclub in Berlin ?

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By Adriane Traveller August 19, 2017

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5 answers

That is all a matter of opinion, i would say Sysiphos
Local December 13, 2017
Depends on which kind of person you are. If you are wild and free go to sisyphos and stay there at least 14 hours. If you're dark and cool go to Berghain. If you like to have fun with weirdos go to golden gate. If you are kinky and looking for that specific thing, go to kitkat. If you like a nice club to start with, go to Wilde Renate. About Blank is also good.
But, honestly... don't read anything I wrote so far, just GO TO SISYPHOS. Sleep a few hours before and don't go there at 2am if you don't want to waste your night standing in line. VIEL SPAß! :)
Local August 21, 2017
But then also About Blank, the list is infante, what you looking for?
This depends on the style you are looking for.
Local August 20, 2017