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Tips for traveling alone in Berlin

By Traveller August 22, 2017

Tips for traveling alone in Berlin

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By Jen Traveller August 22, 2017

Hey everyone! I'm going to be staying in Germany for two weeks next month, do you guys have any tips for a girl traveling alone? Any spots you recommend to visit? What are some great cheap places to eat at near the city center? I appreciate any tips!


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In Germany you will be safe everywhere..! Especially in Berlin.
Local September 1, 2017
It depends a lot on your personal interests... there are a lot of places to visit. If you want to eat cheap I can recomend you the local Curry Wurst or you can try the Dönner, it's turkish, but you can find it almost in every corner it is cheap, it has a lot of combi posibilities (your choise of meat, salad and sauce). moving around is easy and not to expensive. you can use the BVG day or week card, available on all routes and travel options in Berlin. Have a nice trip to Berlin.
Local August 23, 2017
Berlin is easy to travel alone even as a female. There are a lot of nice places around Torstraße to eat and go out. And it's save.
Local August 23, 2017
Hey there
Berlin is great city for coming alone, everything cool i know about i put on my website

I would get away from the city center and investigate neukolln in the evening, also Kberg is great, loads of hidden gems.

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i hope that helps