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Typical popular places to eat

By Traveller September 11, 2017

Typical popular places to eat

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By Monika Traveller September 11, 2017

I'm going to Berlin 22-24th Of September and I will be very grateful if You could recommend me a typical places to eat which 'Berlin people' visit. Thanks a lot :)

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hey there
if you are looking for German food, check out this :

Local September 11, 2017
Rather go to Rüyam instead of Mustafa. It's more lovely and friendly:

Also in this area you should visit the BRLO BRWHOUSE: http://www.brlo-brwhouse.de/en/ It's kitchen is fantastic and nobody should miss out on good craft
beer in Germany.

My recommendations aren't the very touristic places but the places I would show my friends come visiting.

Local September 11, 2017
"mustafa's gemüse kebab" is unreasonably popular. I was underwhelmed by due to excessive hype, I was expecting to become three eyed raven or something. Saying it was bad would be unfair.

Asian restaurant chain Umami and Mexican chain Que Pasa seem to be doing pretty well too

Oh, Burgermeister is another overhyped, but decent place.

There's a place near Weinmeister Str. I had a steak there once. Memory of that steak got me through some pretty tough times. Can't remember the name, but Mexican restaurant again.
Local September 11, 2017