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Best Beer Spots

By Traveller September 18, 2017

Best Beer Spots

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By Chloe Traveller September 18, 2017

Hi there,

I'm taking my boyfriend to Berlin for his 30th. We both love our beer and love trying out local beers wherever we visit. Are there any good spots to go where we can try lots of German beers? Maybe a brewery?

Thanks in advance!

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3 answers

Hi Chloe,

Great choice of city to celebrate!
Here is one of our blog posts answering just that question:

They have indoor and outdoor areas too, in case it's cold when you come over.
And for the sights, be sure to book a tour with us!

I hope this helps!

Brewer's Berlin Tours
Local September 18, 2017
Amazing! Thank you so much! I wanna go to all of them!!
Chloe Traveller September 18, 2017
Go to BRLO BRWHOUSE. The beer, food and atmosphere is amazing.
Local September 18, 2017
Well Cloé, there is indeed something off the beaten path and sure worth a visit. If your boyfriend is a beer connoisseur he will love the Beerbaboon (link at the end of this post). It's an enthusiasts project and they have literally everything from a broad variety of craft beers to bavarian classics to exotic specialties. They claim they have 1000 and it's sure hundreds. They even offer special topic-related evenings.

Don't expect a fancy place. It's a small shop with just some seats for the local crowd. Beerbaboon is located in a nice neighborhood close to the Schloss Charlottenburg.

Local September 18, 2017
Oh, and for the cost-aware beer lover: most specialties come at 1,50 EUR ...
Stephan Local September 18, 2017