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Local Funky Things

By Traveller October 24, 2017

Local Funky Things

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By Andy Traveller October 24, 2017

Hi, We are coming on Saturday for a 10 day, first visit, to Berlin. What are the best "local" non-tourist things to do and see. What are the cool neighbours just to wander round, get coffee, and watch the world go by. Anything good near Ellington Hotel (we are going there for Brunch on Sunday). Thanks, Andy

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3 answers

As much as I like the Ellington, particularly the restaurant "DUKE" as a place for business lunch, I have to admit that this is not the neighborhood to stroll around or encounter "funky" things. Its a business and shopping location, one block from the famous KaDeWe.

What you are looking for is either the neighborhood around Winterfeldtplatz with a fabulous week market on saturdays or one of the less touristic places in Prenzlauer Berg. Helmhotzplatz could be a good starting point. You can check the flea market at Boxhagener Platz. It is a bit touristic but that doesn't keep Berliners from going there. And there are tons of nice cafés around it.
Local October 30, 2017
hey there
check this out that i found of unusual things to do, i see at the top of the list is Monster Kabernat, that is highly recommended : https://www.atlasobscura.com/things-to-do/berlin-germany
Local October 25, 2017
The KitKat club is pretty "funky" if you have some fetish/black clothes to dress up in. Saturday nights are the best.
Local October 24, 2017
Hi Rachel, so lovely of you to answer so quickly and with a good tip, but not sure that's the kind of funky I was looking for - but thanks anyway !