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Do malls open on sundays?

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By Farrah Local November 19, 2017

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As mentioned before, there are "Verkaufsoffene Sonntage" google that for Berlin and you'll see if you catch one of them . Or check out Berlin weirdest "mall", the "Dong Xuan Center" which opens on Sundays.
Stephan Local November 24, 2017
Well, in some areas there are sunday open shops. For instance the shops at the station Ostbahnhof are open on Sundays. But basically in every area in the city you can find something that's open on Sunday.
Just ask google.
Svenja Local November 21, 2017
Malls are usually closed on Sundays expect on some special shopping days during the year.
An Inactive User Local November 20, 2017
Hey! No they don’t - in fact all shops are closed on sundays. Every few weeks they have special shopping sundays though when they open from around 1 - 6pm
Emma Local November 19, 2017
Anna Local November 19, 2017