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Christmas in Berlin

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By Annika Traveller November 24, 2017

Hi! I'm staying in Berlin for a couple of nights over Christmas, I do understand that many places are closed during the 24th. (I arrive on the 22nd and leave on the 25th.) Are there still restaurants/cafés/clubs etc open even if they are not that many? Or is everything shut down?

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Shops will close 24. noon or early afternoon except for the "Spätis" and Shops in the railway stations. 25./26. shops will be closed. General rule: whats closed on Sundays will be closed these days. Many bars, Restaurants etc. will be open. So don't worry. Interesting though: christmas markets are closed on christmas.
Stephan Local November 24, 2017
Thanks Stephan! I guess ill have time for the Christmas markets on the 22nd and 23rd. Great info!
Annika Traveller November 25, 2017
Hi Annika, actually I have never been in Berlin for Christmas. But as far as I know Berlin and all Asian as well as Arabic Restaurabts at least they will be open I guess because most of them don't celebrate Christmas. I guess "Mitte" and then around Rosenthaler Straße, Münzstraße, Gipsstraße should be fine. If i find a list of restaurants, I'll send it to you. Enjoy!
Julian Local November 24, 2017
Annika Traveller November 25, 2017
hey there,
Germans celebrate xmas on the 24th but not everything is closed, especially clubs, you will be fine, come check out our comedy show if you fancy
Cosmic Comedy Berlin Local November 24, 2017
A lof of bars & clubs are open. Also late night shops..
Ewa Local November 24, 2017