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Low budget trip to Berlin! Help

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By Caterina Traveller December 7, 2017

Hi guys! Im going to Berlin this Sunday but last week my boss cut off half my hours😧 so now I have to make this trip a low budget one. Can you tell me cheap places to eat and and buy food ? Thank you!!!

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hey there
plenty of cheap places to eat in Berlin, check out this post that i found, http://berlinlovesyou.com/cheap-places-to-eat-in-berlin/

And if you enjoy comedy, we have free pizza every night, check out my profile on like a local, or see our website :


i hope that helps, have fun
Cosmic Comedy Berlin Local December 7, 2017
Vietnamese, Turkish, and Arab restaurants are cheap places to eat. To buy food, the cheapest stores are Aldi, Lidl, and Penny.
Rachel Local December 7, 2017