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By Local December 9, 2017


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By Beren Local December 9, 2017

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Well, what kind?
Local December 9, 2017
oh thank you!! well cheap or no entrance fee, techno or electronic music or somekind of shows. ı really need to lose myself, with dancig or getting drunk and have fun
Beren Local December 9, 2017
Well, that describes all of the big clubs here: Tresor, Berghain, Sisyphos, etc. But I am most familiar with the Kit Kat, which costs 10 euros for entrance and usually has good techno music. But you need to show up in fetish clothes to be let in. I always recommend the Kit Kat because out of all of the clubs I've stumbled into here in Berlin, it's the one that has the cheeriest, most happy-go-lucky crowd.
Rachel Local December 9, 2017