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I got a 60€ ticket? Confused

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By Sara Traveller January 23, 2018

I got a 60€ fine because I didnt have a ticket but when I tried to buy one from the driver on the bus, he said I didnt need one and the inspectors agreed.
I was riding from Spittel markt to Spandauer on the M48 bus.
Should I complain about the ticket or ignore it?

Ps: the only information they have of me is my name

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3 answers

I am suprised because I don't know why the bus driver would say that you don't need a ticket. Of course you do. Furthermore, I am suprised that the inspectors agreed but fined you anyway. Is there some crucial information missing?
Nadine Local Ambassador January 24, 2018
This is what i saw and heard, i don't know why they would say that. But I think the station I was going to (Spandauer) had something to do with it
Sara Traveller January 24, 2018
Sorry to hear that!
If I were you, I would ignore but be careful during the remaining time that you are there. I never bought bus/trains tickets during my trip but also got lucky that no one ever checked me. I was willing to take the risk.
Heather Local January 23, 2018
If you're sure, that they don't have your address, than you can easily ignore it.
Maria Local January 23, 2018