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Metal - Vinyl shop in Berlin

By Traveller February 6, 2018

Metal - Vinyl shop in Berlin

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By Audric Traveller February 6, 2018

Good morning Berliners !

I'm coming soon in Berlin with my father for his birthday, he's really simple, doesn't like surprise and stuff, but I know he really likes metal music and also vinyl, do you have any shop to recommend me when he can find his happiness ?
We are staying nearby AlexanderPlatz, but we don't mind walking.

Don't tell me Mediamarkt :)

Thanks in advance,

Greetings from Lisbon,


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2 answers

hi audric, there is an excellent oldschool vinyl shop here in przl. berg. its called VOPO records. punk, indie , metal.... you will meet there musicians and neighbours, very friendly (berlin style ;-)) ... good ol days... ...

and don`t forget the funhouse...

AND there is a small club, your father will probl. love ....

AND for a drink... try this... a lot of fathers there ;-)

I love lisboa! wish you a great time with your father in my town!

Local Expert February 10, 2018
Thanks a lot for your answer :)
Audric Traveller February 11, 2018
Hi Audric,

I'm a big fan of Coretex Records (Oranienstraße 3,Kreuzberg), I buy allot of my Metal vinyl there. This is their website:

My other favoriete vinyl shop in Berlin is Dodo Beach (Vorbergstraße 8) and this is the website of that shop: , they also sell allot metal and rock vinyl, they even have a 'metal dungeon' and also a big selection of secondhand vinyl.

You can reach both of the places really easy by public transport :) Congrats with your dad and enjoy your time here in Berlin!

Local February 6, 2018
Perfect Roxanne, thanks a lot ! :)