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Weather in Berlin (1st week of April)

By Traveller March 16, 2018

Weather in Berlin (1st week of April)

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By Serene Traveller March 16, 2018

Hi all,

I was thinking of visiting Berlin in the 1st week of April and am wondering how the weather is like and what kind of clothes I should pack. Will it be very sunny? Cold? Thanks! Also, what are some day trips that you recommend from Berlin in early April?

Thank you!

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Hi Serene, Berlin weather is really tricky. It can be absolutely beautiful or quite bad. At the moment we are still in winter mode. Temperatures are supposed to pick up, but don't expect them to be really warm. Better pack clothes you can wear one on top of another to adjust.
As far as day trips are concerned: Potsdam is very pretty and - depending on where you are staying - just an hours ride with public transportation (S-Bahn). You can see lovely castles there as it was the summer retreat of the prussian kings.
Even with bad weather, there is just sooo much to see. You will have a great time!
Cheers, Iris
Local March 16, 2018
Hi Iris, thanks for the reply! When you mean bad weather, do you mean rainy days and strong winds? I'm coming from Istanbul, and I'll be having one or two jackets and jeans!
You know as a Berliner I can tell you that our city is famous for its icy winds. People from abroad usually find that quite chilly and uncomfortable. But jeans is good and 2 jackets as well. If a shower comes you can allways hop in the next café to warm up. But you never know: you can also have 20 degrees and sunshine in April. I recommend to check with a weather app the week before you pack your luggage.
And above all - have fun!
All the best, Sabine
Local March 16, 2018
Hi serene nust think it will be not too cold and also not too warm and could eain so always bring rain coat with you and you will be alright
Local March 16, 2018