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Anmeldung help

By Local March 23, 2018

Anmeldung help

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By Sandy Local March 23, 2018

Hi everyone
I've been in berlin since December my husband had a job and we are searching for a flat but it seems that he got a problem with his job because he has no anmeldung i dont know if this kind of question you answer on .but we are desperate and any tip can help us ❤❤❤

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2 answers

Try to look for a flat, even if temporary that gives you an Anmeldung. Only aftr you have a contract you can get an Anmeldung and do everything else.
Local March 26, 2018
Can you get an anmeldung on you're parents house?
Ayelet Local March 26, 2018
Thanks for replying .
Ive tried to ask the compneys house but they said no and get into problems my perents are on jobcenter dont know where does people go for an only writen on pepar anmeldung but i'll try your idia and searche thanks so much
Sandy Local March 26, 2018
Hello sandy,
Anmeldung is basically the process of getting registered in the flat you are currently living in and therefore count in the German population.
To do this you need to get an appointment in the nearest Bürgeramt via internet (there usually is at least a month-long wait). Take a careful look at all the document you'll need to fill out (not all of them are required depending on your situation) and don't forget to bring your Mietvertrag/Rent contract on the day of your appointment.
Good luck!!
Local March 23, 2018
Thanks for the answer ive tried that way but my problem is that we are not living in our own flat we are at my parents house and the company of the flat didnt give us the permanent to make an anmeldung and sorry for the long reply it's quite difficult to move in berlin and thanks any way 👍👍
Sandy Local March 23, 2018
Well in this case I don’t know what the solution is... I’m sorry...