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First time in Berlin

By Traveller April 29, 2018

First time in Berlin

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By T Traveller April 29, 2018

I'm visiting Berlin for the first time but only for a couple of days... Can you guys recommend me please of which part of the city I should stay and where I should go?
I heard there are great flee markets on Sunday and that the bars are great. I am also into eating well, but I don't know where to go...
Thank you!

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Hey T,

Maybe you’re already here but I would suggest Kreuzberg, Friedrichshain, Neuköln or Prenzlauer berg as these areas are rich in culture, great restaurants, bars and clubs.

Have fun and enjoy your stay!
Local May 14, 2018
Thank you Karin!
My visit to Berlin is coming soon, and I am getting a feeling it will not be the last :)
Choose the area depends what are you into. I live and love Kreuzberg around Gorlitzer Park and Maybachufer - beautiful canal, tones of cute coffee places and trashy bars, cheap food, and diverse crowd. You prefer more freaky-artistic scene? Go to Neukoelln, more into techno - Friedrichshein, trendy, design and a bit more posh (but still not elegant) places - Prenzlauerberg. If you are into shopping and more touristic staff stay in Mitte to have an easy access to most common spots. Of course, this is pretty stereotypical and doesn't show the whole spectrum of this area as probably everywhere in Berlin you can find something for yourself.
When it comes to food: You should try Thai Park on weekend with a great, authentic Thai food. I can also recommend Arirang for Korean, Baraka for falafel, Zeit fuer Brot, Okay Caffe, Smart Deli (Japanese), many great and cheap places around Sonnenalle. Go to chill in Treptower Park and hop on the bike (there are city bikes that are easy to rent with an app around a city - the best and the cheapest, fastest way to move around, especially when the weather is nice) and do a bar tour around Weserstr. and the canal.
Local April 29, 2018
Thank you Zuzanna!
I am now convinced that I do not have enough time in Berlin to experience all I wish :)
I will use your recommendation and take it one step at a time...
T Traveller April 29, 2018
I am "traveling" around Berlin for 2,5 half year already and I am trying to explore something new at least every second weekend and still I haven't seen even 50% of what the city has to offer so no worries :D My recommendation: Of course it's worth to see amazing museums, Alexanderplatz and Brandenburger tor but people do not fall in love in the city for that more for its vibe. Grab some beer in späti and go enjoy the weather in the park to feel what the city is about :))
For the best flea market go to Mauerpark - as it's good weather, it will be tons of people there, but really cool vibe.
From there walk through Kastanienallee via Zionskirche to Rosenthaler Platz, where you could spend some time in the nearby park or go further towards Museumsinsel.
On this route you will find many cafes and bars and also interesting small shops.
Local April 29, 2018
Thank you Maria!
That sounds great! I definitely intend to take your recommendation!
Do you recommend I book a hotel or airbnb in that area as well? Or is there a better place for me to stay?
T Traveller April 29, 2018
There are a few hotels/hostels in that area, there should be also some Airbnbs, but up to recently we had restrictions on them, so I'm not sure, what would be a better deal. However, unless you're staying right at the U-Bahn (Metro) station, it's a rather quite area.
Maria Local April 29, 2018
T Traveller April 29, 2018