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suggestions for oct visit

By Traveller May 3, 2018

suggestions for oct visit

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By jackie Traveller May 3, 2018

myself and 2 friends are visiting at the beginning of October and I am looking for some suggestions. I have a list of the tourist stuff already that we want to see like museums and such but wanted a few suggestions for things I normally try to do when I travel.

1) Best coffee and tea shops
2) best brewery tour or breweries to visit
3) best breakfast
5) someplace to interact with local artists (I am a painter so enjoy seeing other painter work and interacting with them)
6) any other suggestions that could be fun that is specific or unique to berlin. the list of things I don't enjoy doing is probably shorter than what I like to do. but love learning new things.


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The greenhouse is an artist residence, they also host exhibitions and live music on the weekends, check their website/facebook There is also an art crawl
Local May 10, 2018
Breakfast: 'What do you fancy love?'
Coffee: The Barn, Lekkamokka
Other: Teufelsberg
I was thinking more of a traditional breakfast as opposed to the continental one the hotel offers.
Hi Jack I went to an artmarket near the Dom. I foundation it a nice place to wanders. For the rest we did the touristic stuff. Potsdam is also a nice place if you are interested in culture..
Have a nice time
Local May 3, 2018
Perfect thank you I'll have to see if the market will still be there when we go.
hey Jackie,
sounds like a fun trip! Answering all of those would take a while, Berlin has tons of great options, I'll just give you my quick thoughts on #2 (mmm, beer).

I don't know about tours, but off the top of my head, these are my latest favorite bars/breweries for craft beer:
- BRLO brewery and biergarten in Gleisdreieck park (Kreuzberg/Schöneberg/Mitte border) - October will be a nice time to sit outside
- Heidenpeters teensy taproom space in the Markthalle Neun (Kreuzberg), where the streetfood market is Thursdays (you come there for beer other nights though too)
- Lager Lager bottleshop and taproom (Kreuzberg) - great selection, great people - pack up some beers or fill up a growler and head to sit on the canal.
- Muted Horn taproom (Neukölln) - drink in the cozy inside or at the picnic tables in the sun or buy some bottles to drink at Tempelhof park
- Rollberg brewery (Neukölln) - in the former Kindl brewery, which has morphed into a fantastic arts space in the last years. Rollberg's been around for far longer than any of the others on the list and their red beer is still unique and yummy.
- Kaschk (Mitte) - coffee by day, beer by night = win. Drink in and play shuffleboard or by some beers to sneak in to the Babylon cinema down the street
- BrewDog (Mitte) - a UK chain bar/brewery, so maybe less cozy than the others, but solid beer, seats in the sun outside and yummy pizza.
(if you have time check out Berliner Berg and Vagabund Brauerei too!)
Kaschk coffee by day beer by night now were talking i might never leave lol thank you
Breakfast Coffee tea brewery you will find in all places like Friedrichshain, Prenlauer Berg and Neu Kölln and Kreuzberg. We drink coffee on a high level as well known from Italy while we have educated the stuff. Make up your mind and think abaout that the number of bars restaurant and other location is so big that the quality grows enormous in the last years. otherwise you have to quit your business.. For paintings... just at last weekend we have had gallery weekend you will find the adresses in internet of most famous places very easily there. Almost on english too. From my personal experience we have the Gerichtshöfe near by, but there are a lot of such places and almost on english in internet.. enjoy your trip...
Local May 3, 2018
thank you that helps in my search.