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One Month Stay near Humboldt Uni

By Traveller May 14, 2018

One Month Stay near Humboldt Uni

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By Pohl Traveller May 14, 2018

I’m going to study in HU for a month and need to find a stay that easy to get the campus. Which websites or forums are suitable for student to rent? Thx ahead:)

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Hi Pohl,

really nice University, hope you will have a great time! The first webpage is for shared apartments where you can rent a room (the rent time depends on the owner).


What I also know is that HU offers for his students rooms, you can contact Mrs. Kozikowska from this webpage and ask:

Wish you a nice stay!

PS: Try airbnb as well! just for the case ;)
Local May 14, 2018
Elif, thank you very much for the information you gave! It’s really helpful to me and I’m searching a proper one in those sites right now. 😃