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Historic Berlin tour
The guide was really nice and you could tell that he knows a lot even though he is not from Germany. Two things we would like to mention- first, it was just an historic tour with mentions here and there of current things. The other thing is the walk- we walked a lot and very fast- I guess we should have been more prepared for it.
Discover Berlin Walking Tour
Great tour
I took this tour with Cesar, who although tours infrequently, was a very knowledgeable and informative guide. On the trip down to Sachsenhausen, he filled us in on a lot of the backstory of what led to the Third Reich, and during the tour he provided all manners of information, history, detail, and even anecdotes. He also allowed us a little bit of free time so that we could explore what interested us. Sachsenhausen is a difficult place to visit, but I was very impressed with Cesar and his presentation of the subject matter.
Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp Memorial Tour from Berlin
Authentic Berlin Experience
It's a very authentic Berlin experience, you will learn a lot more about Berlin than just tasting yummy vegan food. Katie is a Berlin local and is an incredible host, she will share some amazing local insights with you. So you get to experience some of Berlin's yummiest vegan food, meet amazing people, and share a wonderful afternoon in conversation while learning about Berlin. It's possibly the best non-touristy experience and you'll want to book this early before it gets full so that you don't miss out!
Feast your way through a Vegan Capital
A great way to spend an afternoon in East Side Berlin.
You get a good feel of the area during the walks, apart from that it is very relaxed and the restaurants Katharina will take you to aren't something you'd come by even as a local I feel. They are special and the food they offer is exceptional. I particularly enjoyed the food and the company of fellow companions and of course Katharina too. We sat, ate, enjoyed and conversed touching a wide variety of interesting topics. I would definitely recommend this tour anyone and everyone who loves to eat and try out different types of food. Katharina is warm and friendly, always with a genuine smile on her face. I would definitely do this tour again on my next trip to Berlin as I'm sure she will add more places to this as she keeps exploring. Thank you so much for the afternoon once again!
Feast your way through a Vegan Capital
Highly recommended!
So glad that I made it to this vegan tour. Katharina is so friendly and nice and well prepared. She took us to three vegan places with different cuisines. All the food is so tasty. And the people I met at this event were cool too. We had nice chats and shared lots of stories and laughs. Highly recommended!
Feast your way through a Vegan Capital
Challenging and Engaging with a tight-knit group
I have very much enjoyed joining in on the drawing classes hosted by Burnt Sienna Berlin. Louise very insightful and helpful for those learning and honing their skill at drawing. The group has many regulars which makes the atmosphere friendly and familiar. There are also on occasion visiting artists which host the sessions that provide new challenges and ways of thinking about drawing. As a graphic designer slowly moving more towards fine art, Burnt Sienna is an invaluable source of inspiration and refresher of my creativity.
Creative Life Drawing Workshop
Excellent Art Class
I've been attending this excellent and very homely aet class for over 6 months. Louiss runs a range of art classes during the week and at weekends from drawing classes with act models for beginners and pros to bespoke oil painting workshops. Ive learned a lot from her sensitive yet clear teaching advice and can highly recommend it to anyone who wants to learn from a successful, contemporary artist.
Creative Life Drawing Workshop
Serious and dedicated life drawing sessions
After looking for years for a good life drawing class in Berlin, I finally found it here. Serious, dedicated, Louise knows what she's doing and the group gathered around her and around the models is serious and consistent. Finally found a place to draw long pauses, no BS. Nice place to draw too.
Creative Life Drawing Workshop
It was more than just a sightseeing tour
Darren, you’re not just a great tour guide, you’re a great guy! So knowlegable and engaging! Thank you so much for sharing your passion for berlin with us. We got more than we could have expected from this tour, so much to see and to think about - it was an insightful historical journey that made us fall in love with Berlin. Valentina and Jean
Discover Berlin Walking Tour
Great show, awesome people!
Cosmic Comedy Berlin
Great food, great tour, great guide!
We booked onto the food tour with no issues at all, the guide merged us with another tour but made sure we were okay with this first and it was no problem. The tour is great, lots of nice food in places you wouldn’t normally head in as a tourist, dov the guide was very friendly, interactive and informative and kept the information light and interesting. The food goes without saying was excellent, dov recommended a place for schnitzel too which we tried and was amazing! Thanks dov!
Original Berlin Food Adventure: 10 Local Tastings!
Ken from Irland was our guide. He was great. Knowlegable, funny and a fast walker😊👍🏻
Discover Berlin Walking Tour
Great time!
We a had a great time on this tour. Would recommend doing it on first or second night of trip as it's a great way to get your bearings and find a few great spots. Learned loads about brewing processes and had a laugh with the tour guide
Craft Beer & Breweries Tour of Berlin
A Wonderful and Informative Experience!
Best of Berlin Half-Day Walking Tour
Really great experience
It was a great experience. Our guide, Rick, was really enthusiastic and very, very knowledgeable. And it's a great way to discover parts of a city by walking.
Discover Berlin Walking Tour
Wonderful Experience
Our tour guide was very good, personable and knowledgable. We visited a neighborhood of Berlin that I would have never found without this tour.
Taste Berlin: Classics & Trends Food Tour
Informative Insight
Our tour guide was Warren (Darren), the Irish guy. He was very knowledgable about the topic as it is what he is passionate about. He made sure all we all knew where we were going, so that no one stayed behind. He stopped along the way to introduce the Nazi era. He made sure he everyone understood what he was saying and was open to questions and comments. He told the history from an unbiased point of view leaving the information to our interpretation and conclusions. He delivered the information in such a way that made you feel you were there, maybe sitting in a college class, being immersed in all this history. He was wonderful.
Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp Memorial Tour from Berlin
Wonderful short 6 hour tour
Went on Best of Berlin 1/2 Day Tour with Jonathon. Jonathon was completely engaging, knowlegible and humorous during the tour. He had the groups attention and respect throughout the “walk”. We saw all the points of interests and received a complete historical background of German culture, especially pertaining to WWII.
Best of Berlin Half-Day Walking Tour
We really saw a lot and received very good information on the history of Berlin Very informative and would highly recommend. Best way to see a lot of the city and get its history. We could ask our tour guide anything on Berlin and she has the answer
Best of Berlin Half-Day Walking Tour
Ryan was amazing! Objective and informative
Our guide, the Scottish Ryan, is the man you should hope for when you visit Sachsenhausen. A perfect balance between speed, information, time for yourself, objectiveness, wit and thought provoking background. Due to us disappearing to find some food and ending up in another carriage on the way home, we couldn't thank him personally, so I hope my words of gratitude reach him this way. I have worked in tourism for about 20 years now and I usually dislike excursions and guides, but this man is such a pleasant exception. And my kids of 9, 12 and 14 also agreed with me. Thanks Ryan!
Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp Memorial Tour from Berlin

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