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Techno Club Adventures (Limited to 1-2 people at a time)


175 EUR

If 15 hour sessions of techno-fueled insanity at an underground rave, dancing on podiums, exploring yourself and others, if all this is what you ALREADY do on a weekend in Berlin, then this tour is probably NOT for you. If you'd like to discover this lifestyle, this is definitely the tour for you.

Duration: 8 hours
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Tour by Boaz

I'm an easy going and responsible person, travel extensively, fairly adventurous, good with animals, but am still a raging carnivore. Used to be a soldier, salesperson, paramedic, English teacher, waiter, fishing boat deckhand, professional Thai Boxer, hydroponic pepper farmer, dog owner, and a bad writer.

My last "real" job was as the Online Marketing Director for a start-up that grew into a medium sized corporation. I then decided to travel, gave/stored most of my possessions, packed two small carry-on bags with what was left, and started to explore the world while freelancing as a marketing consultant.

I arrived in Berlin last summer and fell in love with the city and have made it my home.

If you want to know the best places to eat at in Berlin, which museums are good, or are interested in the city's politics and history, then I can't offer much help, but the one thing I do know is the city's remarkable techno club scene. I've been partying for over two decades from Dahab to Dewey, and have never lived anywhere with such a thriving techno party culture, and I want to help others experience this incredible world.

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  • Berlin's leading techno clubs and raves
  • See who you really are and what the techno scene is all about
  • Meeting yourself and others

Check availability of the tour:


The tour is limited to groups of 1-2 people at a time.

We meet, get to know each other, then figure out the best club for you, for that specific night. This will be one of Berlin's leading techno clubs or raves (not mainstream places like Matrix, Watergate, Suicide Circus, etc). I will prep you in terms of ground rules, how to dress, behave, what to expect, and how to maximize your chances of having fun.

I will get us all inside and then party with you for at least 8 hours, but I usually go for 12-18 hour sessions. Stay as long as you're having fun. You'll be safe and welcome, and I will make it extremely easy for you to meet and dance with people all night long. Note that you'll be able to do whatever you want (without harming others, of course), except for taking photos and using your phone.

This tour is not for you if:
*You're homophobic/misogynistic/misandrist/racist/etc
*Have problems with violence or self-control
*You're under 18

This tour is for anyone else regardless of age, gender, race, etc…, with the understanding that some people are not going to get into, or have fun, at local clubs, so payment will be refunded if we can't get into the party.

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What’s included & not included

  • entrance
  • dance lessons
  • transportation
  • coaching
  • Drinks

Meeting point

We'll meet near your place earlier and establish which venue to hit

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175 EUR
  • Full refund if you cancel up to 72 hours before the tour
  • No booking fees
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