10 Tips For First Time Fishing on Kayak

Like A Local Guide • 26 Jan, 2021

Are you a beginner and want to fish in the nearby lake? We are here with 10 tips for first time fishing on Kayak. So, fasten your seatbelt and get your kayak out of the garage, Right Now!

How about going fishing on a kayak? I knew you were thinking the same. But before we begin the adventure, let us discuss some of the essential points that will help you to enjoy your fishing adventure on a kayak.

What are we waiting for?

As we all know, balancing a kayak is a bit difficult especially in water. But, we will try to sort out this issue together while sharing the techniques that will help you to balance yourself on a kayak.


The Kayak is perhaps suitable for small or large lakes, both.  Thus, make sure you have a strong and flexible fishing rod that will prevent you from toppling off the boat. Moreover, if you are not an expert then never think about standing on the kayak.

What kind of products do you need, when you are fishing on the kayak for the first time?

Listed below are the most common and important items that will most probably help you in your adventure.

Do you really want to know about it?

Supplies like:

  • A life jacket or a PFD
  • A measuring board
  • A Crate (wooden or steel)
  • A good paddle holder
  • A good working kayak bass fishing
  • A fishing rod

are very important to keep before you head onwards.

Yes, you are GOOD to go!

Tip: Briefly understand the limits of your kayak before getting started.

10 basic tips for beginners:


  • Choose a summer day for your kayak sport

Although you can enjoy this outdoor water sport at any time of the year, it would be better if you choose spring or the summer season. Certainly, these two seasons are preferable.

A light wind, strong sunshine will make your adventure even more thrilling. But, do not forget your summer essentials like:

  • Glasses
  • Sunscreen
  • Extra pair of clothes
  • A cap


  • Be comfortable with your gear

Always be relaxed and comfortable with your kayak.  Moreover, do not be anxious or nervous when fishing for the first time while using a kayak.  Make sure that you are comfortable with all your gears and tools.  Plus, before you land in the water or a lake, be confident about the kayak that you are using.

  • Getting acquainted with Kayak is an important step

Firstly, get your kayak out and feel comfortable with it. Also, you can continue making a few trips with your kayak and a fish rod to catch a large number of fish. Besides, to prevent loading up the kayak with multiple stuff or equipment, you should search for its limitation and capacity. That’s why it is better to carry limited items.

Plus, twist and turn with your rod in the kayak that will help you to balance firmly.

  • You should be able to tackle kayak

Secondly, make sure that you can tackle the kayak while facing difficulty in fishing. Moreover, it’s good to wear a lifejacket beforehand, so that you can tackle all the consequences. Beginners should learn how to control the kayak that can only happen through dealing with it intelligently as well as smoothly.

  • Find a rigging place

Thirdly, selecting a rigging place to dig-in your fishing rod is very important. Choose the rigging place that will fulfill all your fish catch requirements. Certainly, in the middle of the lake, you can find various breeds of fish that will suit your mood and taste.

Tip: Bring along a couple of more rods with you along with the Crate to store your fish in it.

Let’s proceed further:


  • Go to a tournament

To become one of the best kayak fishing experts, join a tournament that will definitely make you one. Plus, this fishing tournament will give you a sense of responsibility and confidence. Going into a local tournament and enjoying the competition will give you motivation as well as a quality experience.

  • Transporting your kayak

The beginners should be well-aware of the fact that you should know how to transport the kayak from the vehicle to the lakeside that is an important point to be kept in mind. Likewise, you should carefully transport the kayak from the water to the vehicle.

For that it’s good to have accessories like:

  • A rolling board
  • A cart with wheels
  • A landing gear system that is inbuilt on a kayak

This system is undoubtedly easy to carry, easy to transport, and easy to manage. Therefore, it can be labor-free. However, this is the most basic upgrade technique that you should keep in mind before buying your own kayak. Moreover, it is best to purchase a fishing kayak under $700.

  • Fight with the fish

It is mandatory to have a stronghold on your rod when you are sitting in a kayak. Plus, you need to do two things at the same time.

First, you have to hold the rod tightly. And get hold of the fishnet, hook, stringer, and grips.

Secondly, you have to balance the kayak also.

Catching fish is not that simple!


  • Get hold of a personal floating device

In addition, purchase a lightweight plus effective PFD that can be easy to wear. Whereas, it should be made up of a comfortable or a parachute texture and material so that it can prevent you from drowning in water.

Moreover, it should be protective, waterproof, accessible, and inflating PFD with a low-profile design. Make sure that it does not get in your way.


  • Find a group of kayakers

Last but not the least; do make sure that for the first time of your fishing on a kayak, you do not go into the water alone. Furthermore, do find a group of kayakers who have experience and who are fond of fishing in small lakes or deep sea.

Besides, you may learn a lot of things when you are surrounded by experts. So, do not forget to get a suitable company.

They may guide or help you out with many things because going out alone would certainly not be a good option for a beginner.

Happy Kayaking!



Already ready to go out into the water after learning about the 10 tips for first time fishing on a kayak? So, let’s drag the kayak out of the vehicle. And dive-in straight away.

In the beginning, fishing and kayaking seemed like a contrasting feature that was difficult to be related to. But, usually, fishermen who cannot afford expensive boats can easily buy cheap and reliable kayaks for fishing purposes.

Moreover, it is a good water sport that will freshen you up. Also, it might be considered as a good activity on summer days.

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