With 129 breweries and over 3,500 pubs, London is a beer enthusiast’s paradise. There is a wide variety of beer tastings and brewery tours to pick from, and it’s easy to find yourself spoilt for choice. 

Brewery tours are a remarkable experience. You get an opportunity to acquaint yourself with the brewing process. Of course, you can also enjoy a bottle (or three) of fantastic beer. With so many brewery tours to choose from, which experiences are worth your time? We have compiled a list of 5 brewery tours that you need to try in the British capital.

1. Camden Town Brewery

The Camden Town Brewery has been around since 2010 and has grown rapidly ever since. You can only tour their original brewery which is nestled under the railway arches in Camden. 

You can choose to either book a tour or opt for the drop-in tour. The 30-minute drop-in tour costs a gold coin donation (£1 or £2) that goes to a charity supported by the brewery.

For an extended experience, you’ll need to pre-book your tour. This tour will last between one and a half hours to two hours and costs £12. You’ll get a closer look at the brewing operation, enjoy some glorious beer straight from the tank, and you can grab some more beers in the tasting room. Some of their classics include Camden Hell’s Lager and Gentleman’s Wit.

When you visit this delightful little haven, you’ll also get an opportunity to enjoy delicious street food served by food traders outside — a perfect combination. 

2. London Beer Lab

This Brixton brewery offers a unique experience that is simply too good for any beer enthusiast to pass up. Operating since 2013, the Beer Lab grants you an opportunity to make your own beer. 

Their services are very flexible. You can choose to either share this experience with friends (limit of four people per group) or you can book the brewing workshop as an individual. There is even an option of experiencing this adventure from the comfort of your home. 

Inside the London Beer Lab brewery, you’ll find a 14-line taproom where you can sample and experience a variety of beer styles and flavours. You can book a spot at their brewing workshops starting from £80.

3. The Five Points Brewery Company

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The Five Points Brewery Company was founded in March 2013 and is located in Hackney. Their beers are widely popular and the company will deliver beer to your door

During a tour of the brewery, you’ll get to be a part of the brewing experience. You’ll learn about the beer-making process and sample some excellent beers. 

The Five Points Brewery Company has a wide range of beers to choose from. Every beer lover is bound to find a drink that they fancy. Their flagship beer, the Five Points Pale, is one of the top pale ales in London.

4. London Fields Brewery

London Fields brewery is located in the heart of Hackney. This brewery was founded in 2011, and it has hugely contributed to Hackney’s reputation as a destination for excellent beer.

A tour of the brewery lasts an hour and is reasonably priced at £17. London Fields Brewery offers one of the best beer tasting experiences. Their taproom has a variety of their fantastic, flavoursome beers. Additionally, it also features a fresh tank beer setup where you can sample additional beer styles that are brewed in small batches. 

5. London Tavern Trails

London Tavern Trails helps you explore London’s beer scene in the best way possible, on foot. An experienced and knowledgeable guide will accompany you in visiting historic pubs in London. A tour will typically last around two and a half hours.

The guide will select the best route to ensure that you really experience London and its taverns. You’ll not only visit the pubs, but you’ll also get to hear the fascinating history and stories associated with the pubs. This tour also gives you an opportunity to learn about the local areas from guides who are passionate about the British capital. 

All the pubs visited on this tour serve delicious traditional real ales. This makes for a truly sensational experience for any beer enthusiast. If you, however, prefer other drinks, you’ll be able to purchase them at these establishments. 

There are 4 classic tours: Holborn, Fleet Street, Wapping and Covent Garden. You can also opt to book a bespoke tour. London Tavern Trails remains one of the few brewery tours that accommodates children aged 14 and above.

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If it is first time for you in England and you want to be like a local, have a look at the most common pub food options.

These are some top brewery tours that you absolutely need to try in London. The list is by no means exhaustive, it only highlights our personal favourites.

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