6 Unique Things to Do in Milan

Like A Local Guide • 13 Jul, 2017

Planning a trip to Milan and looking to do something a bit different? Our fun-loving local Andrea shares six unique ways to while away the hours in his captivating city.

1. Enjoy the view from the top of one of Italy’s tallest buildings

Standing at 161 metres, Palazzo Lombardia is not only one of the tallest buildings in Milan, but in all of Italy. And guess what? It’s possible to visit it! Every Sunday from 10 am to 6 pm it’s open to the public.

A guide will show you around the first floor, where you’ll find an art exhibition, before taking you to the belvedere – a large space on the top floor boasting a 360-degree view of the city and its suburbs. If you come on a clear and sunny day you’ll even be able to spot the Alps in the distance!

8327820960_a04b26f337_kPhoto credit: Francesco Negri

2. See a real military submarine

The Leonardo Da Vinci museum in Milan is one of the most important science and technology museums in the world. It hosts a range of fascinating exhibitions; you’ll find areas dedicated to Leonardo da Vinci’s projects, air and rail transport, modern technologies and much more.

The main attraction is definitely the old Enrico Toti military submarine. You’ll learn how the controls work and how seamen spent their time during submarine military missions!

Submarine_Enrico_Toti_(S_506)_-_Museo_della_Scienza_e_della_Tecnica_-_Milan,_Italy_-_28_Dec._2012Photo credit: Francesco Crippa

3. Take a peaceful walk in Cimitero Monumentale

Usually cemeteries aren’t places where people choose to spend a day, especially when visiting a new city, but this one is an exception. Being the main cemetery in Milan, Cimitero Monumentale is where the city’s most famous and important figures are buried.

Every tomb is built in a particular and unique style, and you can find many different statues, buildings and pieces of art. You’ll soon forget you’re in a cemetery and start feeling like you’re walking in an open-air museum!

16044022166_dc73627c7c_hPhoto credit: Marco

4. Spend a night at Circolo Arci Magnolia

This is one of the most popular clubs in Milan and one of the best places for a night out. There’s live music almost every night, usually with great international artists, and it’s way cheaper than other clubs with such high-quality music.

In spring and summer it gets even better since it’s located in a big park by the shore of an artificial lake, the concerts are usually held in the open air and, if you get tired of the music, you can take a walk in the nearby woods!

circolo_magnoliaPhoto credit: Circolo Magnolia

5. Have a romantic dinner on ATMosfera

ATMosfera is an old tram, completely renovated and redesigned as a nice restaurant, where you can have a great dinner with your beloved.

During your meal the tram will move (slowly!) around Milan, giving you the chance to admire the city’s most beautiful spots and the special night-time atmosphere. The only bad part: it’s such a lovely experience that many people want to do it, so you’ll have to book a table some months in advance.

Spise_sporvogn_1Photo credit: appsolutelymilano.com

6. Discover the navigli by bike

Navigli are canals that were once used to transport people and goods to the city centre. Now they’re no longer navigable, but they’re still part of one of the nicest and most characteristic areas of Milan.

On sunny spring days, the best thing to do is ride a bike along one of the canals (there are two in the south and one in the east). Your journey will begin very close to the city centre, but as you continue your trip the landscape will change and you’ll soon be in the open countryside, riding your bike through fields, woods and small towns!

15374807094_cb42d61640_bPhoto credit: Ante Graph

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