9 Brilliant Ways for Traveling On a Budget

Like A Local Guide • 17 Mar, 2021

With social media and other popular channels creating the hype, traveling has become incredibly popular. However, COVID-19 did some damage to the tourism industry for a few months. But even with coronavirus spreading around the world, people were planning their trips. 

Fortunately, the increase in the number of travelers means more range of budgets. Instead of the conventional ways, you can easily find many unconventional methods to save money.

Therefore, let’s look at nine brilliant ways countless travelers are saving money on their vacation and other trips.


Use Credit Cards with No or Less Foreign Transaction Fees

If you’re traveling abroad, you may be taking along your credit card to cover some of the costs. While a credit card may be the most suitable for you, it can be expensive as well. 

Credit cards generally have a hefty foreign transaction fee. While some people just withdraw too much altogether at the ATM and endure the charges, you should look into other cards. 

There are plenty of credit card companies that have no or very less foreign transaction fees. Generally, it’s applicable for most of your transactions or purchases in a foreign country. 

Also, try not to keep too much cash on you. It’s safer to use cards. You also don’t have to think about exchanging leftover cash. Let’s not forget, credit card points can be really good too. 


Stay Clear of Currency Exchange Businesses

Have you heard that exchanging money in your home country is the best way to get reasonable rates? If you have, label that fact as incorrect. 

When traveling internationally, people exchange their money at the shops or stands at the airports. They don’t always give the best exchange rates, and they charge a hefty fee. 

Instead, you can use your debit or credit card. Preferably a card that has no foreign transaction fees. After arriving at your destination, use an ATM at the airport or any public place to get some cash. 


Plan and Book Early For Your Trip

Being adventurous and planning as you go can be an exciting way to live. But sometimes, planning ahead can be extremely helpful.

This can help you with a lot of things, from airline tickets to hotels and car rentals. If you’re planning a trip within the US or North America, you should book everything at least three to four weeks ahead. When it comes to international traveling, you should book everything three to four months ahead. This can allow you to get better deals. 


Public Transportation Can Be Your Friend

Public transportation is truly a blessing and can be very good for your pockets. But, only if you’re traveling to major cities, like New York, London, or Paris. If you’re headed to smaller cities or towns, public transportation may be the last thing you should look into because it will be highly inconvenient. 

Before going to a big city, check out the routes and the pricing systems. Not only the busses, but the light rail, subway, or underground systems as well. If you’re planning to get around a lot, look into 3-day, week, or weekend passes. All in all, you can easily save time and money with public transportation in the right cities. 


Hotel Rooms Aren’t the Only Option

While hotels can be fun and exciting, they can also be quite expensive. For budget travelers like yourself, there are plenty of other options. 

However, the number of options can vary according to the number of travelers. For instance, getting a vacation rental for $1,200 a week for eight people can be an excellent option when compared to $50 per night per person. You even get a kitchen and laundry room with the vacation rental. You can easily get local grocery delivery to save money on food and do laundry yourself to save even more.  

These days, you can easily find alternative accommodation on popular sites like Airbnb. It doesn’t matter whether you’re by yourself or traveling with nine others.


Keep Track of Your Expenses

You’re on vacation. Everything is going well, and you’re having fun. Closer to the end of the trip, you realize that you’re short on money. Now, the stress and problems begin. 

Unfortunately, this is the case for many travelers. That’s why you need to document your expenses properly. It will become straightforward to stay within budget this way. You can also prepare a plan ahead of time and allocate money for each part of your travel. 

If you’re traveling internationally, using an exchange app will be helpful. Otherwise, you probably need to spend more time trying to convert currencies back. 


Avoid International Cell Service Plans

Cell service providers who allow you to call or use data even in other countries charge a great deal of money. That’s why you should completely stay away from these plans. 

Now, you have three options. The first is to purchase a local SIM card when you land and use it. The second option is buying or renting a portable internet device that works internationally. The third option is solely relying on Wi-Fi everywhere you go. The first two options are more convenient and give you peace of mind. 


Search for Package Deals

Many hotels, airlines, and touring businesses don’t like to see their inventory go empty. They will willingly reduce prices or give things away. But, they don’t do it publicly or make it too obvious. 

Instead of booking everything separately, try to look for package deals. These can save you quite a lot of money because the businesses reduce prices to fill their capacity and keep up a reputation. 


Traveling With Your Partner? Tell Everybody about It

Have you seen a movie or TV show where a couple says they are on their honeymoon and get free stuff?

When you’re onboarding to your flight, checking into your hotel room, or ordering food, just let it slip that you’re on a romantic getaway. Businesses love that stuff, and they can give you free upgrades, complimentary drinks, private balconies, and many other fun surprises. 


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