An A–Z Guide to Fabulous Local Food Experiences in Europe

Like A Local Guide • 27 Aug, 2016

There’s no denying that the Like A Local Guide team is exceptionally fond of food. Learning about it, cooking it, sharing it and especially eating it. Just hearing the word “lunch” makes our mouths moisten and eyes glaze over. Yep, kind of like Pavlov’s dogs.

It should come as no surprise, then, that we love getting to know a new destination through its stomach. And we know that many of you do too, which is why we’ve put together this handy guide to the most tempting food experiences offered by our wonderful community of locals in Europe.

To save you from having to scroll, simply click on a city of interest and you’ll be taken directly to that point on the page.

Amsterdam, Athens, Barcelona, Berlin, Bratislava, Brussels, Budapest, Copenhagen, Krakow, Lisbon, Paris, Prague, Riga, Rome, Tallinn, Vienna, Vilnius and Warsaw.

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1. Sample a variety of typical Dutch dishes while strolling the streets of the city centre or the beautiful Jordaan neighbourhood

Experiences: Taste of Sunday Amsterdam Food Tour & Jordaan District Amsterdam Food Tour
Duration: 2.5 hours
Price: €49 per person
What’s included: Food and drink tastings

Feedback from travellers: After a few hours, not only did we have a full belly, but we also had a full mind ready to see the rest of the city with a better understanding of Amsterdam. Add to that Emanuele’s great sense of humor and this turned out to be a highlight of our trip. – CompuDoc

2. Enjoy a superb 3-course dinner with matching wines at a local artist’s home studio

Experiences: Dinner at an Artist’s Home Studio in Amsterdam: Organic Chicken Thighs & Wine & Dinner at an Artist’s Home Studio in Amsterdam: Tournedos Rossini & Wine
Duration: 3 hours
Price: From €37 per person
What’s included: Amuse-bouche, 3-course dinner, matching wines

Feedback from travellers: My girlfriends and I had a lovely time with Petra last night. She was a superb host and the food was equally amazing. Her art work is out of this world! We enjoyed our time with her. Good conversations, good food and good wine…all in a wonderful city! – Janine

3. Step off the “eaten track” and try tasty local delicacies at tucked-away places

Experience: Market Birds Street Food Tour of Amsterdam
Duration: 3.5 hours
Price: €69 per person
What’s included: 8–10 samples at Amsterdam’s best eateries (the equivalent of a full lunch)

Feedback from travellers: The tour was a perfect size and you could tell that the guide really loved and cared about what she was doing in addition to being very knowledgable. Every stop was interesting, delicious and had a great story with it. – Smdster



1. Get to know authentic Greek flavours on a mouth-watering food walk with Marina

Experience: Taste Athens food walk
3.5 hours
Price: From €15 per person
What’s included: Visits to excellent local eateries, markets and delis

Feedback from travellers: Marina is a wonderful and very knowledgeable guide to the food of Athens. There is no better way to discover how the ‘real’ Athenians eat, drink and shop. I truly enjoyed the experience. – Suzanne

2. Eat your way through Athens on a Greek gastronomy tour

Experience: Athens For Foodies: A Greek Gastronomy Tour
4 hours
Price: From €20 per person
What’s included: 15+ food and drink tastings in non-touristic neighbourhoods, tour of the Central Market

Feedback from travellers: We tasted so much traditional food, savory and sweets and visited local places where we couldn’t have found on our own. It was very educational about the food tradition of Greece and at the end of the tour we were so full we couldn’t go for lunch! – Annape19

3. Savour an assortment of Greek mezedes at Marina’s place

Experience: Meze party
3 hours
Price: From €20 per person
What’s included: A variety of local dishes made with fresh, seasonal ingredients, Greek white wine or beer, dessert

Feedback from travellers: Marina and Spyros are so wonderful hosts. Their place is very near to the centre, easy to get from the metro. They cooked for us and treated us like friends.Loved the food, loved the people. Recommended! – LOUIZA



1. Taste a handpicked selection of local goodies on an authentic tapas walking tour

Experience: Etapa Tapa: Authentic Tapas Walking Tour in Barcelona
3 hours
Price: From €69 per person
What’s included: Food and wine tastings, free WiFi, gift

Feedback from travellers: Our guide Theo was great and selected the best tapas in 4 different bars, however by the 3rd bar you will be too full to take another bite! We liked the bars that we were taken to that we went back to them again on the remaining nights that we had in Barcelona. – Shaxe

2. Learn how to make the ultimate seafood paella in an interactive workshop

Experience: Spanish cooking experience
Duration: 3 hours
Price: €32 per person
What’s included: Market visit, interactive cooking lesson, tapas, sangria, paella, traditional Spanish recipes to take home

Feedback from travellers: We had a great time on our Spanish cooking experience in Barcelona. It was so much fun – unlimited sangria, delicious food and a brilliant chef! – Lindsey S

3. Wine and dine at off-the-beaten path places in Barcelona’s liveliest districts

Experience: Tasting Barcelona Food & Wine Tour
5 hours
Price: From €85 per person
What’s included: Plenty of great food and wine

Feedback from travellers: Our guide was Aurora, and she is just simply amazing!! Warm, passionate and easy going! She helped us with the most amazing wine and food that we would not have been able to order with our broken-to-none Spanish 🙂 – hucystemp

4. Try a variety of regional delicacies and learn more about Catalan gastronomy

Experience: tapas tour barcelona food tour
3 hours
Price: From €45 per person
What’s included: 10 food tastings, a guaranteed good time!

Feedback from travellers: I can say that it’s definetly a great way to experience the city – truly recommended both to foodies and those who just want to get the feel of the city from a less touristic angle. – Basia G



1. See the sights and taste the flavours of Prenzlauer Berg and Mitte or Kreuzberg and Neukölln

Experiences: Berlin Sightseeing & Food Tour: Prenzlauer Berg & MitteBerlin Sightseeing & Food Tour: Kreuzberg & Neukölln
6 hours
Price: €50 per person
What’s included: Food, drinks, sightseeing

Feedback from travellers: The combination of eating/tasting and walking around is just a perfect fit. Do this if you want to eat and drink amazing things and get the know the locals Berlin! – Krassekris

2. Explore Berlin’s culinary landscape by bike and enjoy a progressive 3-course meal with a friendly local foodie

Experience: Evening Food Tour of Berlin by Bike
4.5 hours
Price: €49 per person
What’s included: Beach cruiser or city-style bike with easy gears and a comfy seat, safety helmet, food at 3 great local eateries

Feedback from travellers: Kieran (“Blondie”) was a charming, affable and informative guide, and our 5 hours flew by. Not only (lots and lots) food, but we got some interesting history of the city along the way. Unequivocally recommended! – John



1. Let Lucie introduce you to traditional Slovak cuisine and the modern producers and specialty shops that are spicing up her city’s food scene

Experience: Bites & Sights Bratislava Food Tour
2 hours
Price: €20 per person
What’s included: Food and drink tastings

Feedback from travellers: The tour guide was very nice and well informed and spoke good English 🙂 This is definitely an off the beaten track guided tour in one of the less touristy markets of Bratislava. Do come hungry at the tour! – Irene

2. Visit Bratislava’s best local eateries with Petra

Experience: Micro Adventure for Foodies in Bratislava
3 hours
Price: €35 per person
What’s included: Starter, first course, second course, beer or a dessert with coffee

Feedback from travellers: Petra was really nice and she really knew about Slovak culture, food, and history. I really felt like it was an authentic experience because we went to all the “secret” places. The whole tour was wonderful. I would book it again. – Enrico

3. Treat yourself to a gourmet food experience with Linda

Experience: Bratislava Food Tour
4 hours
Price: €70 per person
What’s included: Food and drink tastings

Feedback from travellers: Great range of locations and food. Linda was very knowledgable and shared much information about the food and settings. Easy conversation along the way made her more of a hostess than a tour guide. Pleasant — and full — afternoon! – ssdz

4. Taste top-quality Slovak food and drinks on a gastronomic adventure with Daniella

Experience: Bratislava Traditional Food Tour
4 hours
Price: From €69 per person
What’s included: Food tastings, alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks, sweet treat

Feedback from travellers: Daniella was wonderful. She knows her way around the town and restaurants and it was wonderful to have different parts of a meal in different locations. – oreallya462



1. Learn how to make real Belgian waffles in a fun hands-on workshop

Experience: Brussels Waffle Workshop
1.5 hours
Price: €28 per person
What’s included: Short waffle-themed walking tour, all ingredients and equipment, take-home recipe, as many waffles as you can eat, one drink

Feedback from travellers: The waffles were amazing and Titch was awesome! I really enjoyed how he taught us the history behind the waffles and all the ingredients used. Also, making as many waffles as you wish was a definite plus!! – Morgan

2. Taste super-duper-high-quality chocolates at Brussels’ best chocolatiers and have a go at making your own!

Experience: Brussels Chocolate Walking Tour & Workshop
4 hours
Price: €70 per person
What’s included: Chocolate samples, 45-minute chocolate-making workshop, ready-to-go bag filled with your chocolate creations

Feedback from travellers: Amazing tour, amazing guide, amazing chocolate <3 – Qian Hui

3. Spend a relaxing evening learning about Belgian cuisine and customs while filling your belly with mouth-watering local delicacies

Experience: Brussels Evening Culinary Tour
4 hours
Price: €80 per person
What’s included: Dinner and drinks

Feedback from travellers: My boyfriend and i chose this tour and we both loved it! Especially the mussels and fries dish ( typical Belgian dish) was spot on and even better than we expected. – Eleni T



1. Enjoy a market tour and Hungarian cooking lesson at home with Agi

Experience: Market Tour & Hungarian Cooking Class in Budapest
6 hours
Price: HUF 35000 per person
What’s included: Tour of the Central Market Hall, cooking lesson, all ingredients, 3-course meal, wine, Hungarian fruit brandy, coffee, tea, water

Feedback from travellers: Now we’re talking!! Tired of the excessively “touristic” spots? Take the class! It was quite a surprise to get inside someone else’s home, take a chair, chat and cook! It was worthy! – Thiago L

2. Explore Budapest with a local, taste the local cuisine and have a go at cooking it yourself!

Experience: Walk & Taste Budapest
4 hours
Price: €39 per person
What’s included: 2.5-hour walking tour, market visit, lecsó (traditional Hungarian meal), palacsinta (Hungarian pancakes), lángos (typical Hungarian street food), drinks

Feedback from travellers: The best tour ever!!!Dea our tour guide was super professional,informative and she answered to all of our questions. We were really happy that she took us to the “Hunyadi téri piac” as its for the local people with local prices:)The cooking part was so much fun!! – Csilla F



1. Savour exquisite Danish food and drinks at small and unique eateries that aren’t listed in the guidebooks

Experience: Danish Delicacy Tour in Copenhagen
4 hours
Price: €120 per person
What’s included: Food and drink tastings, bike-taxi ride, water, gift

Feedback from travellers: I would definitely sends friends and family to enjoy this view of Copenhagen. Our guide was AnneMarie and she was lots of fun! We not only enjoyed the foods, but the wonderful welcome we received from each of the owners/caretakers of these wonderful foodie places. – Heidi



1. Get to know Polish food beyond pierogi at 4–5 carefully selected local eateries

Experience: Krakow Food Tour
4 hours
Price: From €69 per person
What’s included: Food tastings at 4–5 different establishments (12–18 dishes in total), shot of Polish vodka, written summary of the tour including restaurant recommendations

Feedback from travellers: Tamara was an excellent tour guide and a passionate foodie – it’s clear she loves her work. I recommend doing the tour at the start of your time in Krakow so you can take up her wonderful suggestions! – fionalouise2109

2. Discover the flavours of Kazimierz with Kamila and Göksel

Experience: Krakow Food Tour: Kazimierz District
3 hours
Price: €51 per person
What’s included: 8–10 food tastings, dessert, local non-alcoholic drink, lemonade, coffee or tea, water

Feedback from travellers: This should be a must tour for anyone interested in trying the local food ! I only wish I had a list of the restaurants we visited so we could have returned. I loved the area and every restaurant we sampled. – greatfulltraveler



1. Cook and share a delicious Portuguese meal with a friendly local family

Experience: Cook with a Local Family
4 hours
Price: From €68 per person
What’s included: Cooking lesson with locals, starter (different cheeses, sausages and regional bread), main course, dessert, wine, liquors

Feedback from travellers: We had cheese & wine, a traditional Portuguese seafood stew, and a traditional homemade dessert made by Cristina. The couple were wonderful hosts – very friendly, inviting, and eager to share about their country, history, culture & family. – Gaijen

2. Visit one of the oldest produce markets in Lisbon with a passionate local foodie

Experience: Market Tour – Mercado da Ribeira
2 hours
Price: From €45 per person
What’s included: Traditional Portuguese custard tart, coffee, meat croquette, glass of Portuguese draft beer, Iberian pork sandwich, glass of lightly sparkling white wine

3. Learn how to make Portuguese custard tarts with a professional pastry chef

Experience: Pastel de Nata Workshop
3 hours
Price: From €61 per person
What’s included: 2-hour hands-on cooking class, pastry tasting, tea or coffee, two take-home boxes filled with your creations

4. Eat your way through the Old Town and Graça, Mouraria or Alfama

Experiences: Old Town & Graça Private Food TourOld Town & Mouraria Private Food TourOld Town & Alfama Private Food Tour
3 hours
Price: From €68 per person
What’s included: 10 tastings at 6 different places

Feedback from travellers: What an incredible experience this was. Mariana was a wonderful hostess and took us to places we would have never found on our own. It is a “taste and explore” experience that is informative, enjoyable and delightful. – margie5291 

5. Shop for ingredients at a traditional market and/or enjoy a hands-on cooking class with a local chef

Experiences: Local Market Tour & Portuguese Cooking Class in LisbonPortuguese Cooking Class in Lisbon
 3.5–5 hours
Price: From €65 per person
What’s included: Cooking class, 4-course meal, drinks, coffee

Feedback from travellers: It was great going cooking from fresh products and being explained the history of various Portuguese dishes while drinking wine. It was a lovely day, very light and entertaining. – Anastasia

6. Embark on a grand gastronomic journey in trendy Campo de Ourique or historical Mouraria

Experiences: Tram #28 – Campo de Ourique Food & Culture Walking Tour & Downtown – Mouraria Food & Cultural Walking Tour
3–3.5 hours
Price: From €58 per person
What’s included: Small-group tour (2–10 people), 10+ tastings at 6 different stops

Feedback from travellers: The tour far exceeded my expectations. The tour guide was knowledgeable, lively and very passionate about food and the neighborhood. I loved the area and different places she showed us and the food we ate. – Annet



1. Eat your way through a lesser-known part of Paris with a local food and wine expert

Experience: Paris Gourmet Food Tour 
3 hours
Price: €75 per person
What’s included: 3-hour culinary tour with a local food and wine expert, samples, light lunch, wine

Feedback from travellers: Not only was the food stores visited outstanding, but the guide was very warm, open and explained so very well the rich history of the area, the awards of each of the shops, and recommended excellent products to purchase including an amazing pear and vanilla Jam. – AlexGretel

2. Feast on delectable French cheeses at Aarón’s place

Experience: Personalised French Cheese Experience in Paris
4 hours
Price: €39 per person
What’s included: Bottle of wine, many different cheeses, fruits, nuts, salad, various baguettes, a dessert

3. Become a true macaron expert in a hands-on class with a local chef

Experience: French Macaron Class in Paris
3 hours
Price: €130 per person
What’s included: Hands-on macaron-making class, all ingredients, to-go box, macarons, coffee/tea

Feedback from travellers: We recently took the Macaron Baking class with Chef Pino and had a fantastic time learning to make these delicious french delicacies. I now understand why they are so expensive! The class was small and personal, and Chef Pino was friendly, patient, organized, and fun throughout. – Lauren G



1. Learn how to make a selection of super-tasty Czech dishes with chef Bara

Experience: Czech Cooking Class with Chef Bara in Prague
3 hours
Price: €96 per person
What’s included: Cooking lesson, 3-course meal, beer, wine

Feedback from travellers: Bara is very generous when it comes to hosting in her home. We made roast pork, roast duck, goulash, potato pancakes and kolache cookies! It was a lovely way to spend the day in Prague! – Rebecca F

2. Discover Prague’s vegetarian, vegan and raw delights in atmospheric local eateries

Photo credit: The Raw Deli

Experience: I Like Veggie Prague: Veggie Food Tour
4 hours
Price: €80 per person
What’s included: 4-hour walking tour, 7 courses at a variety of places, city map, free e-book

Feedback from travellers: Great way to get to know Prague using your pretty little vegan taste buds 🙂 – Katerina



1. Sink your teeth into a wide range of Latvian specialities on a tempting tour of the Central Market

riga_central_marketPhoto credit: Jorge Láscar

Experience: Latvian Food Tasting Tour at Riga Central Market
2 hours
Price: From €20 per person
What’s included: Food samples

Feedback from travellers: Our guide was friendly, professional, knowledgeable, kind and gave us exactly what we had hoped for. Thank you so much. – Matthew

2. Shop for ingredients at the Central Market and learn how to cook traditional recipes in a typical Latvian home kitchen

Experience: Riga Central Market Tour & Latvian Cooking Lesson
Duration: 5 hours
Price: From €40 per person
What’s included: Food samples, all ingredients, transport from/to the Central Market, perfectly spent time!



1. Savour a sumptuous 6-course meal at a typical Roman home away from the tourist masses

Experience: Eat with a Local at Francesca’s Home in Rome!
2 hours
Price: €37 per person
What’s included: 6-course dinner made with love, wine

Feedback from travellers: Go prepared to enjoy a special evening with Francesca and her charming Italian friends and/or family. She is a darling host and made us feel really special. There was quite a lot of food and we left full and satisfied. We were especially WOW’d by her pasta course, the citrus chicken and our tiramisu. – Jennifer

2. Spend an evening making homemade pizza with Francesca and her family

Experience: Mamma che PIZZA! Cooking Class & Dinner with Francesca’s Family in Rome
4 hours
Price: €38 per person
What’s included: Cooking lesson, pizza-making secrets, dinner, homemade tiramisù, Italian beer, love!

 Feedback from travellers: Francesca and her family were so kind, and made us feel like we were part of the family! After a long weekend adventuring in Rome, it was exactly the relaxing night we needed to finish our trip off right. – Brittany

3. Harvest, cook and enjoy fresh seasonal produce at an authentic local farm in the Roman countryside

Experience: Rome Countryside Local Farm Experience
8 hours
Price: €65 per person
What’s included: Hotel pick up, transport by car, farm visit, tastings of local products, cooking with seasonal fruit and vegetables

4. Learn how to make at least 3 different types of pasta from scratch with chef Giuseppe at a professional food academy

Experience: Market Visit & Pasta-Making Class by Piazza Navona in Rome
3.5 hours
Price: €70 per person
What’s included: 3-hour pasta-making class in an authentic Roman home, 3-course meal (3 pasta dishes), 1 slice of homemade pie, red chianti wine or cola, water, moka coffee

Feedback from travellers: It was the best experience during our short Roman holiday. They showed us around a bit then took us to real Roman house (this was a really extraordinary experience itself) to teach us how to make real pasta.– Ada K

5. Discover Rome’s plentiful gourmet delights on an indulgent walking tour with a local foodie

Experience: Off the Beaten Path Food & Wine Walking Tour in Rome
3.5 hours
Price: €69 per person
What’s included: Small-group walking tour, 15 food tastings, 3 glasses of wine

Feedback from travellers: This is billed as a tasting tour but in fact was large portions wherever we stopped. The food was delicious highlight being the slow cooked beef pattie and wines plentiful. – Sarah



1. Indulge in a delightful 4-course dinner at a local’s home

Experience: Delicious 4-Course Dinner at a Local’s Home in Tallinn
4 hours
Price: From €49 per person
What’s included: Welcoming local host, surprise course, entrée, main, dessert, 2 glasses of house wine, coffee and tea, short tour of Kalamaja

Feedback from travellers: It was more than home cooking. A gastronomic delight. Enjoyed every course and the ambiance was fun and entertaining. Something I will look out for in other cities from now on. – Sandra

2. Taste the flavours of Tallinn and explore the city’s harder-to-reach sights by bike

Experience: Tallinn Food & Bike Tour
4 hours
Price: From €49 per person
What’s included: Food tastings, bottle of beer, bike rental, safety helmet



1. Enjoy a homemade taco dinner with an Austrian-Texan couple

Experience: Taco Dinner with an Austrian-Texan Couple in Vienna
2 hours
Price: €30 per person
What’s included: Dinner, beer, wine, non-alcoholic beverages



1. Find out what else Lithuanians eat besides meat, potatoes and sour cream

Experience: Vilnius Food Tour
 3 hours
Price: €60 per person
What’s included: 4-course meal, shot of traditional alcohol, tea or coffee, water, lots of local stories and recommendations

 Feedback from travellers: We went to 6 places, each different than the others, and sampled a great variety of food and drink. We ate some good and some really delicious food, had great conversations and laughed a lot. Cannot say enough good things about this tour! Do it! – Susan



1. Enjoy an entertaining introduction to Polish cuisine and learn how to make pierogi with the help of a professional chef

Experience: Traditional Polish Cooking Class in Warsaw
4 hours
Price: €49 per person
What’s included: Regional appetisers, cooking lesson (2–3 dishes), dessert, drinks (juice and water), small gift, certificate

Feedback from travellers: This is a lovely, intimate way to spend some time in Warsaw. Through cooking, you learn about a country’s history and have a nice trick at your next dinner party. Michal and Dorothy joyfully answered all our questions — both culinary and cultural. Highly recommend!! – Michelle

Opening photo credit: Lazy Flavors

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