Australian Adventures: 5 Hidden Camping Gems of Australia’s Natural Landscape

Like a Local Guide • 23 Aug, 2021


Camping is one of the most fun and cost-effective ways of enjoying the great outdoors. There’s no better way to spend your holiday than packing up your tent, boots and outdoor gear to explore the Australian outdoors with your mates. Australia is home to tons of absolutely incredible camping spots, just waiting to be explored. 

Before you pack up the car and hit the road on your next camping adventure, it’s crucial that you have a solid plan in place from the outset. Be sure to check the weather before you go to ensure you pack the right gear and make sure that you tell someone about your plans before you leave. Domestic travel insurance is an absolute must and will allow you to make the most of your trip, giving you some much needed peace of mind while you and your fellow campers are sleeping under the stars. 

Let’s take a look at seven of the best hidden camping spots that Australia has to offer so you can enjoy immersing yourself in some of the country’s incredible natural spots.  

Coffs Harbour, New South Wales

Coffs Harbour is a stunning camping area that has superb coastal views overlooking Horseshoe bay. The surrounding area is covered with forests, beaches offering countless opportunities for day walks. There are also plenty of spots to swim, you can surf the rights and lefts at the jetty or just hang out and enjoy the magnificent ocean views.

Margaret River, Western Australia

Margaret River is home to amazing wineries, cafes, and of course, some of the most notable waves and stretches of sand in the country. The weather is relatively warm all year round making it a great choice when camping in the colder seasons. 

Kalbarri, Western Australia

If you are looking for a camping destination with dramatic seaside cliffs, rocky gorges and a host of amazing wildlife, look no further than Kalbarri in WA. The scenery is truly one of a kind with many scenic hikes, colourful rock formations, and you might even see humpback whales and dolphins from the boardwalk near Island Rock. Keep an eye out for the resident pelicans who call this beautiful corner of the country home. 

Blue Mountains, New South Wales

Located just a few hours outside of Sydney, The Blue Mountains are known for their distinct blue coloured tint that can be viewed above the tops of the mountains. However, be warned that if you are visiting during the winter, it can be much colder than what many Australians are used to so be sure to pack accordingly.

Pondalowie Bay, Southern Australia

The rugged and craggy coastal views of Southern Australia and the bushland of Yorke Peninsula collide at Pondalowie Bay to create a dramatic vista that will leave you spell-bound. Set up your tent and spend your days exploring stunning Marion Bay, take a trip to Innes National Park, surf the challenging peaks at Chinaman’s or chill out on one of the many sheltered family-friendly beaches in the area. Huge sand dunes are home to a diverse range of local birdlife, flora and fauna which can be a great way to spend your days in and around the Yorke Peninsula in The Festival State.

Pack Up Your Tent And Get Ready For The Adventure Of A Lifetime

With so many incredible camping locations to choose from all over the country, there is something for everyone. Whether you want to camp under the stars in the bush, wake up next to crashing waves at the beach or take in mountain views as you unzip your tent in the morning, Australia has it all. Choose a spot that you and your fellow campers will love and enjoy every moment of your Aussie camping adventure.

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