Best Places for Hot Chocolate in Paris

Like A Local Guide • 14 Nov, 2015

What better way to fight off the winter blues than with a delicious cup of velvety smooth hot chocolate?

Dark chocolate is particularly perfect for the colder months as it stimulates the release of endorphins (feel-good hormones) and contains magnesium – a powerful mineral that, among other things, promotes happiness.

Moreover, hot chocolate is a quintessential Parisian drink. Here’s a selection of the best places to enjoy this blissful beverage in the French capital, recommended by our local Hélène.

1. Enjoy old-fashioned hot chocolate at Angelina

Angelina is an elegant tearoom that has been a famous local meeting place ever since it opened in 1903. Here you can enjoy L’Africain – a delicious old-fashioned hot chocolate served with whipped cream and a small financier. If dark chocolate isn’t really your thing, go for the white hot chocolate instead.


Photo credit: Angelina Paris

2. Try a chocolate affogato at Berthillon

While Berthillon is mostly known for its top-quality ice creams, it also offers a surprising and utterly delicious version of hot chocolate. With a scoop of vanilla ice cream drenched in melted chocolate, hot milk and whipped cream, it’s more like a chocolate affogato than a traditional hot chocolate. A tasty alternative for ice cream lovers in winter!

3. Discover Aztec hot chocolate at La Jacobine

Tucked down an alley away from the crowds of Boulevard Saint-Germain, this quaint little place serves the most delightful Aztec hot chocolate. It’s a real treat for the taste buds and is adored by locals.

4. Sip homemade hot chocolate at Le Loir dans la Théière

Inspired by Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland, this friendly place is one of the most popular cafés in Le Marais. Their pastries are truly exceptional, as is their homemade hot chocolate.


Photo credit: Magali Dubourdieu

5. Experience the mythical hot chocolate of Les Deux Magots

This place is a true Parisian institution. They serve delectable old-fashioned hot chocolate that’s rich, dark and velvety. With a traditional French bistro ambiance as well as classic décor, it’s a cosy spot to warm yourself up in winter.

6. Savour unusual flavours at Jean-Paul Hévin

Jean-Paul Hévin is a renowned French chocolatier with a handful of shops around the globe. Offering everything from the most typical flavours to the more eccentric end of the spectrum, this place is an amazing culinary adventure through the world of chocolate.

You can customise your hot chocolate with different tastes such as raspberry coulis, melted ginger chocolate and even oyster cream!

7. Relax with an organic hot chocolate at Puerto Cacao

These guys serve old-fashioned hot chocolate made with 100% organic ingredients. They use fair-trade cacao from Venezuela. You can pimp up your hot chocolate for free with various flavours like banana, blueberry, ginger, cinnamon and liquorice.

puerto_cacaoPhoto credit: Puerto Cacao

8. Enjoy heavenly homemade hot chocolate at Mamie Gateaux

The name of this place literally translates to “Granny Cakes”. It’s a traditional old-school café complete with chequered tablecloths, wooden furniture and mismatched crockery. Their pies and cakes are gorgeous, and their homemade hot chocolate that’s served in bowls is absolutely heavenly.

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