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Like A Local Guide • 15 Apr, 2016

We received such a positive response to our recent blog post highlighting the most active volunteer contributors in 2015 that we decided to make it a quarterly thing. This time around we’re shining the spotlight on not 10, but 11 legends (it was a tie for the final spot) who posted the most tips in January, February and March this year. As an added bonus we’ll be sending out one of these handy passport covers to everyone on the list!


Want one? How about a moment in the spotlight? Share more of your favourite local spots with travellers and maybe next quarter you’ll make it to the top 10!

1. ShanaChicago & Cebu City / 15 tips


When it comes to eating out in Chicago and Cebu City, Shana has plenty of tips spanning the budget and flavour spectrum. Indian, Indonesian, Mongolian, Mediterranean, Mexican, Cantonese, Korean – you name it. Oh, and she also knows where to find top-notch coffee to fuel your foodie adventures!

Check out Shana’s tips here.

2. Nadine, Frankfurt / 14 tips


Nadine’s idea of a great trip involves sleeping as little as possible so she has more time for the fun stuff. We have a sneaking suspicion she keeps this up in everyday life judging by her humungous list of recommendations! In the first few months of 2016 she added tips for an eclectic mix of places, from peaceful green oases to stylish boutiques to lively local party spots. If you’re ever at a loss for things to do in Frankfurt, this lady will surely sort you out.

Check out Nadine’s tips here.

3. Jess, London, Tbilisi & Berlin / 13 tips


Say hello to the queen of brunch! Always on the hunt for intimate spaces and delicious food, Jess has some delightful café and restaurant tips for London, Tbilisi and Berlin. We especially love that she includes personal recommendations for what to order. Warning: don’t read her tips when hungry.

Check out Jess’s tips here.

4. Amequi (Felipe), Palma de Mallorca / 11 tips


Amequi is a multilingual tour guide and journalist who, besides being a big fan of the Mediterranean lifestyle, is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to Palma de Mallorca’s cultural offerings. His tips cover extraordinary historical monuments, truly local eateries, inspiring art museums and more.

Check out Amequi’s tips here.

5. Dana, Prague / 11 tips


Dana is dedicated to steering travellers off the beaten track in her home city of Prague. When she’s not organising unique small-group tours for those who want to experience Prague in a less touristy way, she spends her time adding tips for cosy neighbourhood bars, hip cafés and hidden local gems.

Check out Dana’s tips here.

6. Nijat, Baku / 11 tips


We were thrilled when Nijat joined our community in 2015 and became a local ambassador for Baku, the relatively undiscovered capital of Azerbaijan. Whether you’re into history, culture, cuisine or partying, he has many solid recommendations for you!

Check out Nijat’s tips here.

7. Florian, Vienna / 9 tips


Although he only joined the Like A Local community in March 2016, Florian has already managed to add a bunch of tips for his favourite local spots in Vienna. He covers where to find the tastiest ice cream in town, the best places for stunning views, unmissable architectural treasures and more. We won’t be surprised if he makes it to the top of this list in the coming months!

Check out Florian’s tips here.

8. Beate, Bodø / 8 tips


Beate is a restless soul currently settled in Bodø, Norway. She’s passionate about yoga, travel, nature and café culture, and is wonderfully generous when it comes to sharing her knowledge with visitors and fellow travellers. Since joining the Like A Local community in March she’s added some fabulous tips for cosy local cafés and places to enjoy the enchanting Norwegian nature, complete with dreamy photos that have us itching to visit to her little slice of heaven.

Check out Beate’s tips here.

9. Sebastian, Berlin & Vienna / 8 tips


If you’re looking for good, simple, reasonably priced food in Berlin or Vienna, this guy has you covered. He prefers small, offbeat restaurants and prides himself on only adding tips for truly special places. Having merrily munched our way through many of his recommendations, we can certainly attest to his taste!

Check out Sebastian’s tips here.

10. Silvia, Bologna / 7 tips

So far this year Silvia has shared her favourite places to enjoy stunning views over Bologna as well as a few delightful local eateries serving fish, pasta, sweets and vegan-friendly fare. We’re excited to see what other local gems she uncovers in the future!

Check out Silvia’s tips here.

11. Samer, Pittsburgh / 7 tips

Samer started out as a tourist when he first moved to a suburb east of Pittsburgh, but soon enough he began seeing his city through the eyes of local. He’s clearly quite the culture buff, having added a number of tips for interesting art spaces and museums as well as a couple of cosy neighbourhood cafés and restaurants. Watch this space!

Check out Samer’s tips here.

If your name appears in this list, please send your postal address to so we can send you your passport cover and plenty of good vibes!

Want to help travellers avoid the tourist traps and discover authentic places off the beaten path? Join the Like A Local community and start adding tips for your favourite local spots.

Opening photo credit: Cali4beach

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