How to Spend a Perfect Sunday in Budapest Like a Local

Like A Local Guide • 29 Mar, 2017

Sunday is typically a day of rest, but if you find yourself in Budapest for the weekend then you’re probably going to want to make the most of your time and explore the city.

You’ll find that Budapest is a charming place on this day – tourists and locals alike tend to move at a slower pace, and the focus tends to be on good food, drink and relaxation rather than a mad dash to party.

Attila, our in-the-know Budapest ambassador, has put together an itinerary for spending a perfect Sunday is his beloved city. If you enjoy his tips, be sure to check out his delightful tour of Budapest’s ruin pubs and alternative spots.

Start the day with a soak

Depending on how hard you went at the bar last night, or perhaps how many miles you trekked around town, your muscles might well be aching. Luckily Budapest has just what you need thanks to the miles of thermal streams that run deep underground. Some of these streams have been tapped up to the surface, flowing into ornate baths found all over the city.

Some of the more well-known baths will be full of tourists – a great atmosphere for sure, but maybe a little much for a Sunday. Instead, we recommend checking out one of the more peaceful places such as Lukács or Veli Bej. Smaller, more intimate and quite a bit cheaper, they offer a much better time for the relaxation seekers among you.


Visit the design or gastro fair at the Anker’t ruin bar

Anker’t is one of Budapest’s famous ruin bars, but it’s not all about drinking there. On sporadic Sundays it opens its doors for a design or gastro fair, giving you the chance to chow down on some local food and pick up handcrafted souvenirs made by local creatives.

Check the Anker’t Facebook page to see what’s on when you’re here.


Check out the farmers market at the Szimpla ruin bar

Speaking of chowing down at bars, Budapest’s most famous drinking haunt, Szimpla, hosts a farmers market each Sunday. Both locals and tourists flock to this trendy spot to stock up on fruit, veg, dairy and meat products from local growers, and to enjoy various snacks and street food-style offerings. Most weeks there’s also some entertainment in the form of a local music act.

Want to know more about Szimpla, how it got started, and the neighbourhood it lives in? Easy – join Budapest Flow’s Sunday morning tour.


Stop by the Antik Placc flea market on Klauzál Square

If antiques are your thing, you’ll be thankful you came to Budapest. Along with various little stores lurking down side streets around the city, wander over to Klauzál Square on a Sunday and you’ll find an antiques market in full swing.

Rummage through a little bit of everything and perhaps pick up a few treasures to take home – old Hungarian notes and coins are popular, as is Soviet memorabilia.


Grab some Hungarian street food

Hungry again? We are! Budapest is well known for its great street food scene, with local favourites such as langos (deep-fried dough served with sour cream, cheese and garlic) and international flavours on offer.

Head to Karaván on Kazinczy Street (right next to Szimpla) to find everything in one place. It’s essentially a giant tent filled with food trucks and delicious cuisine. Grab your food to go, or sit down on one of the long benches provided, crack open a beer and make some friendly conversation with the person next to you.


Chill in Károlyi Gardens

If you need to take a moment for quiet reflection, then you’ll be pleased to know that there’s a little oasis of calm in the downtown area. Károlyi Gardens is a small park surrounded by stunning architecture and brimming with bright flowers.

Sit on the grass and enjoy a snack, or if you feel so inclined, the nearby Csendes ruin pub has outdoor seating next to the park and great selection of food and drinks to enjoy.


Drink a craft beer by the Danube

Both banks of the River Danube are beautiful, especially at sunset, and particularly down by Liberty Bridge in the shadow of Gellert Hill. Down that way, on the Pest side of the city, you’ll find a rather spectacular glass dome building known as the Bálna (The Whale).

It’s home to several bars and restaurants, all worth checking out, but one happens to be one of our favourite craft beer bars in the whole city: Jónás Kézműves Söröző. So, if you’ve done enough exploring, might we suggest grabbing a beer here and parking on one the tables outside by the river – the perfect end to a perfect day.


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