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You’ll be reaching out for your camera time and again as Tbilisi, the capital of Georgia, delivers splendid experiences every hour you spend in this grand-old city. Different from a quintessential European city, Tbilisi appeals to the senses of all types of travelers. Due to its location straddling Europe and Asia, Georgia has strong influences on both the continents that give the country its own unique cultural identity.

The uniqueness of Georgian culture gives the city of Tbilisi a distinct character that visitors find charming. The town oozes old-world charm with wooden balconies overlooking cobblestone streets and cozy tiny houses with beautiful courtyards giving the city warmth that makes you feel welcome. It is no longer the Europe’s best-kept-secret destination. Thus, grab the opportunity to visit in all of its glory! Here’s a rundown on how you can enjoy the best that Tbilisi has on offer.

Old Tbilisi’s Sulfur Baths

The dome-shaped sulfur baths of Tbilisi are home to warm water springs enriched with sulfur and other minerals. The Orbeliani Bathhouse, which looks like a mosque, opens at 8:30 am, and its architectural splendor is worth a capture on your camera. The dome-shaped baths are very welcoming indeed in the months of winter when a splash in the warm waters of the spring is delightful. It’s a very refreshing feeling to have a bath at these springs, and the mineral enriched water has health benefits.

Gallery 27

Gallery 27 is an old house that takes you back in time. It has a stunning entrance with color-stained glass windows that catch your eyes. The intricate carvings and the wooden staircase climbing up through a colorful maze created by the stained glass make you go looking for your camera again. The Gallery 27 is more than just a house, though. The Gallery displays local arts and crafts, and it opens its doors for visitors to its charming world of ancient days every day at 11 am.

Holy Trinity Cathedral (Sameba)

You can spot the golden dome of the Holy Trinity Cathedral from every corner of Tbilisi, which makes it the city’s most prominent landmark. It is Georgia’s largest orthodox cathedral, and it rises to a height of 87 meters. The cathedral opened its doors to visitors in 2004, and it’s a charming little place with a beautiful garden, a swimming pool, and fountains where you’ll see children playing in the summer. The entry is free, and one has to dress conservatively to visit this holy place.

Meidan Bazar

You must have been enamored by Tbilisi by now. You must be looking for souvenirs to remember this trip by. Meidan Bazar is the place for you! With its stock of Georgian handicrafts, wine, and other artifacts, this place is a treasure trove to pick your souvenir from to remember your trip to this remarkable city. The amazing thing about this bazaar is how it goes under the road. You feel like you are entering a hidden world as you walk by the shops.

You must be a bit hungry by now. Well, Tbilisi is a foodie’s paradise. Georgian cuisine is mouthwatering, and you’ll find many traditional and fusion restaurants serving you delectable food. We have picked two popular restaurants for you.

Culinarium Khasheria

This is one of the most popular dining-out options among residents of Tbilisi. The restaurant is vegetarian-friendly, and it has a homely, cozy ambiance. What adds to the charm of the place is the friendly staff. The food is cooked with great care using fresh ingredients. Do try one of the soups served here. They are truly lip-smacking! Their fried cheese dishes are delectable. The prices are, however, a bit steep.


Located right across from the Rooms Hotel, the building this restaurant is housed in used to be the home of Georgia’s cultural elite. The place exudes a distinct character, and ambiance few other restaurants can match. When you are here, the Lolita Khachapuri is a must-try, as is the tasty hummus. The Tkemali preparations are just awesome!

Extra Tips for Your Trip

Experiencing new cultures and seeing new things is always a splendid experience. However, you should always be aware of the common dangers when traveling. In addition to local scams, dangerous regions, or badly rated restaurants, your internet-connected devices might also be in danger.

Let’s say you get lost exploring.

Of course, you take your phone and try to navigate back to your hotel. However, your cellular data fails you. The only option is to use public Wi-Fi, which can be very dangerous. Thus, use a VPN to protect yourself on your travels. Connect to one of its servers, and you can enjoy any network you choose. Since a VPN encrypts information about your online activities, you become much safer than before.


The capital of Georgia offers you an unforgettable vacation and leaves you wanting to come back again. Tbilisi, with its friendly people and cozy little buildings, gives off a feeling of warmth and is very inviting indeed. You’ll love the delectable cuisine influenced both by Asia and Europe. If you’re looking to experience Europe with a touch of Asia for a unique vacation, Tbilisi is the place to be in.

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