Soviet Experience in Tallinn

Like A Local Guide • 4 Apr, 2017

Maybe you were one of those tourists who hadn’t heard much about Estonia and expected to find it looking trashy with Lenin statues everywhere and people working in the fields in the middle of the city. Were you disappointed because it actually looked cute, clean and nice? You might have even known a little bit more about Estonia but were still disappointed when you didn’t find so many Soviet remains. Here’s a list of where to get a glimpse of Soviet Estonia.

Where to eat?

Energia Cafe

There aren’t many Soviet places left but one of them is definitely Energia Cafe close to Viru Shopping Centre. It’s a café where you can also meet people who have lived most of their lives during Soviet occupation. If my grandma lived in Tallinn, she would come here. The food is absolutely not delicious but at least you’ll be introduced to kiluvõileib (sprat-fish sandwich).

Must Puudel


You can find modern Soviet cuisine at the popular Must Puudel café. It’s typically a hipster place although everyone is welcome here. There’s 100% (hopefully) Soviet furniture, old magazines and western music (something that was definitely lacking in Soviet Estonia).

Where to party?

Kolm Lõvi


This is another area that’s not so alive anymore, however there’s one super authentic bar/nightclub behind Balti Jaam market. They play Russian music and have very tacky decorations including animal fur and blinking lights. If you’re brave like a lion, then be sure to check out Kolm Lõvi – it literally means three lions.

What to see?

KGB museum

Located in Viru Hotel, this is a highly entertaining museum where you can get to know what life was like for tourists in Tallinn – how they were controlled and eavesdropped on by the KGB.

Väike-Õismäe residental area


Do you want to know what Khrutshchef did with the whole Soviet Union in the 70s? There was a large-scale housing program where all Soviet cities were filled with houses that looked identical – five and nine story buildings with very small kitchens and corridors. You can see it nicely set in Õismäe where the landscape architecture is hip and the buildings stand in a circle. If you’d like to experience it on an even bigger scale go to Lasnamäe and get lost.

Museum of Occupation


Here you’ll find interesting exhibitions that offer a fairly comprehensive overview of Estonia’s recen
t history. As the collection includes items from the everyday lives of Soviet citizens as well as war artefacts, the museum appeals to curious visitors and history buffs alike.

Paldiski and hidden wonders daytrip


If you’d like to get out of Tallinn and see some Soviet military towns while sitting in the cockpit of an old Soviet army vehicle, take a day trip to Paldiski and its surrounds. You’ll also see some great Estonian nature including a waterfall and coastal limestone cliffs.

How to find those cool Soviet places?

Read more about the places mentioned here and click on the “map” tab to find specific locations. If you’re using the mobile app click “Lists” and scroll down to find “Soviet Experience in Tallinn”.

Have fun!

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    Hi, thanks a lot for all those great advices. I have been to Tallinn in 2010. At the time there was a private Soviet Museum "Made in USSR" founded by Tanel Soosar at the edge of Rotermanni Quarter. It was wonderful. Unfortunately the website does not exist anymore. Do you you know if the museum is still there. Thanks for telling me. yrs Robert
    Robert • Aug 19, 2017 • Reply