The UK’s train lines cover some of the most breath-taking landscapes in the world. Admire the magnificent views of the Eden Valley in Cumbria or Scottish Highlands from the train carriage. As technology improves, it is becoming quicker and easier to travel by train in the UK.

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There are 2,566 train stations in the country, stretching from London to the most remote of places. Two hundred forty thousand people are employed in the UK’s train industry, and thousands of commuter’s use trains every day to get to work. The number of rail journeys in the UK has increased year-after-year, and a significant portion of those journeys are made up of long-distance travel.

Commuting is the most common journey for rail passengers to make. London and the South East rail line are the most popular in the country and often dominated by peak travellers. Only 26% of passengers travel for leisure purposes, and 90% are satisfied with their journey. Take a train from London to Brighton and enjoy the wonderful views on the way.

Trains are a brilliant way to travel to destinations and vacations. Here are some of the most famous and beautiful train journeys in the UK.

Glasgow to Mallaig 

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If you fancy a dose of the Scottish Highlands, take a five-and-a-half-hour train from Glasgow to Mallaig. Watch the vast moorlands go by, peppered with ruined castles and Scottish lochs. You can even see Loch Lomond from the carriage window, which is the largest inland stretch of water in the UK. Pass over the Glenfinnan Viaduct from Harry Potter, and imagine you’re on the way to Hogwarts.

Caledonian Sleeper train

For a more unusual journey, take the Caledonian sleeper train from London’s Euston to the Scottish towns. Travel through the night and wake up at sunrise in Scotland. The carriages have just been renovated to include double beds and en-suite facilities. You can get off at Edinburgh and enjoy the bustling city or at the peaks of Fort William.

Dawlish in South Devon

This rail line has just reopened after a storm destroyed it in 2014. Enjoy a short ten-minute train ride along the seaside from Exeter to Dawlish. The line runs parallel to the mouth of the River Exe and stops at the English Channel.

Oxford to Hereford 

If you fancy visiting the Cotswolds, take a train through the Malvern Hills and Oxfordshire. Watch the rolling hills go by as you enjoy a book and glass of prosecco. Stay in a honey-coloured cottage in a rural Cotswold cottage. Perfect!

Trains are a wonderful way to see the breath-taking British countryside and travel to different locations throughout the UK. Whether you’re interested in a longer journey or a short-day trip, there is a train journey suitable for you.


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