The Most Romantic Cruise Destinations for Couples

Like a Local Guide • 12 Jul, 2021

If you could do with some more quality time spent with your significant other, our cruise destinations are the perfect getaway. Take a splash in the pool, relax in the spay, sip cocktails at sunset, or lounge in your dressing gown on the veranda. However you like to relax, cruise holidays offer it all. Let’s dive in with a list of the most romantic cruise destinations.


1. The South Pacific

The South Pacific is a romantic destination that will feel like it has been created just for the two of you. Boasting some of the most beautiful beaches in the world (like the kind you see on postcards and monitor screens), it is not to be missed. The South Pacific is the ultimate romantic getaway. Spend your days relaxing on beaches, swimming in lagoons, and napping under palm trees.

The South Pacific has something for everyone. Explore the culture, the history, and the landscapes before finishing the day off with a glass of wine at sunset. The South Pacific is full of unforgettable treasures including Fiji, New Caledonia, and Papua New Guinea and with our top tips, you can skip the tourist traps. With a surplus of natural beauty, colour cultures, and rich histories, the South Pacific is first on our list for a reason.

2. Southern Australia

Go down under on a trip to Southern Australia, the perfect place to catch some sun, enjoy the scenery, and just relax. Take a trip to Southern Australia and get up close with the exotic wildlife, enjoy the mouth-watering cuisines, and taste some of the best wines the region has to offer – just don’t forget your sunscreen!

Southern Australia is a must-do, bucket list destination and one of the most romantic getaways for couples seeking sun, sea, and sand! Explore the unforgettable coastlines, relax in the sheltered bays and bury your toes in the sand. Southern Australia is a paradise. If you want luxury, it’s the romantic destination you need.

3. Hawaiian Islands

Hawaii is a holiday destination dream for many and it’s not hard to understand why. This modern cruise destination takes you to the metropolitan cities of Honolulu and Kahului before letting you relax on some of the world’s most pristine white sand beaches.

Heat things up with a trip to the volcano regions and cool off with some snorkelling. Hawaii is one of the world’s most famous holiday destinations for a reason; it’s absolutely beautiful. And whether you would love a city break or you want to relax on a remote island, Hawaii has something to offer everyone.

4. The Caribbean


Photo by: Fernando Jorge | Unsplash


You weren’t expecting us to write a list of the most romantic cruise destinations without including the Caribbean, were you? The Caribbean is perhaps one of the most famously romantic cruise destinations on the planet. There are more than 7,000 islands to explore and everything from high-adrenaline water sports and authentic rugged terrain to enjoy. And if you just want to lay in the sand listening to the waves lapping against the shore, you can take your pick of stunning beaches.

The sun-kissed shores of the Caribbean are a must for romance-seekers. One of the most romantic cruise destinations for a reason, the Caribbean melts your stresses away.

5. The Greek Islands


Photo by: Evangelos Mpikakis | Unsplash


If you want to enjoy a destination that boasts laid-back beaches by day and bustling streets by night, Greece and Turkey are two fantastic cruise destinations for you. Most people will tell you there is no better way to see the Greek Islands than onboard a luxury cruise ship.

Explore temples and amphitheatres, villages preserved in volcanic ash and archaeological dig sites. Let the Greek Islands transport you to the past. Climb to great heights on the volcanos and dive to the depths in the Mediterranean waters. The Greek Islands offer a romantic getaway that you won’t forget.

6. Bermuda

For a less travelled to location (but by no means less raved about!) check out Bermuda. An island in the middle of the North Atlantic Ocean, Bermuda has everything you could want for a romantic getaway for two.

The island is perfect for couples in need of some quiet time, away from the hustle and bustle of city life. If you’re looking for a laid-back holiday option, Bermuda is the destination for you. And if you’re a real foodie, you’re really in for a treat because Bermuda’s food scene is above and beyond!

7. New York


Photo by: Katarzyna Ostrowska | Unsplash

Home to some of the world’s most famous sitcoms and biggest slices of pizza, there’s not much about New York that isn’t romantic. Escape the mundanity of everyday life and take a cruise to New York – the city that never sleeps. New York is one of the world’s most iconic couple getaways and it never disappoints!

Walk through the streets of Manhattan, indulge in the sights at Time Square and discover the breath-taking beauty of Central Park. There is so much to see and do in New York that you will never be stuck for ideas. Perfect for city-lovers and sit-com fanatics, New York has everything to offer.

Final Words

Cruise holidays are the new romantic getaway. Forget secluded cottages in the countryside, cruising is the new way to see the world without leaving those home comforts. It’s up to you what you fill your time with – whether you want to see all the sights you can or simply soak up the sunshine on a quiet beach somewhere. Whatever you are looking for, we hope our list of top cruise destinations has given you some inspiration for your next romantic getaway.

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