Top 10: Best Free Things to Do in Vilnius

Like A Local Guide • 15 Oct, 2013

Although Vilnius is not really known for being an expensive city, it’s always nice to save money, especially when travelling. Our local Vinius editor Zydrune has compiled a list of the top 10 free things to do here.

1. Get active at the White Bridge play area

If you like getting active or simply enjoy watching others being active, then the White Bridge play area is the perfect spot for you. There’s a skate park, volleyball and basketball courts and a grass area for relaxing. If you’re confident in your ball skills, have a match with the locals.  Read more…


2. Enjoy the greenery in Vingis Park

Vingis Park is the largest park in Vilnius and the ideal spot for a quick city retreat as it’s just a 35 minute walk from the Old Town. The area is covered in trees and surrounded by a river, and there are carousels, cafés,  and roller skate and bike rentals. It’s also used as a venue for various major events including concerts and sports competitions. Read more…

245419654_3a3455f990_bPhoto credit: Ryan

3. Get off the beaten (touristy) track with Vilnius Free Tour

This is the best way to get an introduction to Vilnius. It’s run by young energetic guides who share valuable local insights. The tour starts every day at 12 pm in front of Vilnius Town Hall, although pre-booking is required during the winter season. Tips are welcome but not mandatory. Read more…


4. Take a romantic walk at Verkiai Palace

Initially built in the 14th century and later reconstructed due to damage sustained during Napoleon’s invasion of Russia, the entire Verkiai Palace complex is an important cultural and historical landmark. The palace is surrounded by picturesque lakes and gardens – a great place for romantic walks and bike rides. Take note that it can get quite crowded on weekends. Read more…

7932190390_a9ba911eec_kPhoto credit:Guillaume Speurt

5. Read the Užupis Constitution

Užupis constitutes a tiny mock republic founded by Lithuanian artists, complete with its own government, flag, currency and an army of twelve people. Užupis locals celebrate their independence on April 1st.  On the wall you can read their humorous constitution – read between the lines and you’ll discover much more than jokes. Read more…

2189404099_b57b149253_oPhoto credit: Lee Fenner

6. Get to know the history of Lithuanian literature on Literatų Street

Here you can enjoy art without having to enter a busy gallery – Literatų Street is covered with small pictures and monuments celebrating Lithuanian writers. The project started in 2008 and the street has since become an interesting and attractive sight. Read more…

15867704062_51d07a97a2_kPhoto credit: Sami C

7. Experience the hustle at Halės Market

This is one of the oldest and largest markets in Vilnius. The building was reconstructed in 2006 and while some people say that it has lost part of its charm, others think it looks much nicer and cleaner since the transformation. There’s everything imaginable on offer from industrial goods to fresh local produce including organic fruit and vegetables, meat, fish and dairy. Read more…


8. Meet locals at Tymas Market

This is the best place to get reasonably priced quality food from local producers. It’s very popular among locals, so it’s also a good spot to make some new friends. Tymas Market is held every Thursday from 12 pm. Come early for the best bargains! Read more…

tymo-turgus5Photo credit:

9. Find unique souvenirs at Blusturgis flea market

Held in a courtyard in the Old Town, this cosy flea market offers everything from second-hand clothes to Soviet memorobilia and live kittens. Stop by to find original souvenirs or just to enjoy the atmosphere. It takes place on Sundays from 12 pm to 4 pm. Note that bargaining is encouraged! Read more…

12821352_740832356052926_5658486766083113989_nPhoto credit: Blusturgis

10. Enjoy panoramic views of Vilnius from Subačiaus Street

Whether you want to take scenic postcard-like photos of Vilnius or simply want to enjoy the city in the moment, this is a place you ought to head to. Subačiaus Street is easily accessible by foot, bike or car. Visit at sunrise or sunset for a truly memorable experience. Read more…

6285858657_5d0a768c82_bPhoto credit: Mark Healey

Cover photo credit: F. H. Mira
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