Croatia has an amazing gastronomic scene. From traditional and autochthonous recipes to the dishes with the most interesting modern twists, Croatia seduces every visitor with its food which presents unique flavors, amazing aromas, and beautiful textures.

The capital city of Croatia is Zagreb. Tourists and visitors from all over the world come to meet Zagreb’s beauties, small and charming streets, breathtaking sights, rich history, and amazing culture. Besides that, Zagreb is a great gastronomy destination because it offers outstanding restaurants and dishes!

If you’re planning to visit Zagreb once it is safe to travel again, we are bringing you the best 10 street food restaurants that will be your favorite partners for wandering the beautiful streets of the city. From traditional cuisine to interesting tastes of the world – explore Zagreb with amazing delicacies in your hands!

Croatian Food Heritage

Address: Petrinjska 14, Zagreb

If you’re looking for a bite of traditional Croatian cuisine, then this place is your match! The Croatian Food Heritage is a small street food restaurant that prepares delicious recipes of Croatian regions. You can try Istrian truffles, Dalmatian anchovies, kulen of Slavonija, prosciutto of Dalmatian Hinterland, pork rinds, marinated olives, and more. All the products are Croatian and homemade so you can taste all the flavors of Croatian tradition. The interesting dishes are served as a snack so you can enjoy them while wandering the streets of Zagreb!


Address: Vlaška 7, Zagreb

In case you’re wondering if Zagreb has healthy street food, the answer is “absolutely”! Gajbica is a small restaurant that offers local ingredients prepared by interesting recipes and their key guide in food preparation is healthiness. The menu of this place offers vegan, vegetarian, and meat dishes, so everyone can find something for themselves. Oh, and the restaurant has a great selection of salads, smoothies, raw food cakes, natural teas, and more! Let’s go bananas!

Kai Street Food Bar

Address: Jurišićeva 2a, Zagreb

While you’re in Zagreb, make sure to visit Kai Street Food Bar. Why? Because it offers exciting and delicious flavors from all over the world! Imagine being in one place while trying a tasty cuisine from a different side of the earth. Now, that is exciting, isn’t it? Kai Street Food Bar offers fish and chips, katsu sando and vege, rum steak sandwich, karaage chicken bowl, and more. The chefs are open to all the flavors, aromas, and nuances, so they create a true ecstasy and amazing gastronomic experience for every visitor.

Ožujsko Pub Tkalča

Address: Ivana Tkalčića 16, Zagreb

Ožujsko Pub Tkalča is a place that combines outstanding street food and beer. What more could we ask for? The chefs prepare amazing specialties with unique flavors and aromas and based on fresh ingredients. You can try all the small snacks and bites which are specifically made for combining with beer (the restaurant has a rich selection of local and international beers), or you can indulge in pork ribs, T-bone steak, ramstek, burgers, various salads, and more. Ožujsko Pub Tkalča is a great place for tasting all the flavors!


Address: Maksimirska 66, Zagreb

Looking for Mexican flavors in the middle of Zagreb? Well, we got some good news for you – the street food restaurant Pani offers amazing dishes inspired by Mexican cuisine. You can try various dishes such as chips & dips, quesadillas, wraps, burritos, tortillas, enchiladas, and more. Every dish comes with unique homemade lemonade which perfectly combines with spacy food and nuances. Oh, not to mention how photogenic are the Pani’s dishes! Ay!


Address: Nikole Tesle 10, Zagreb

Let’s talk about sandwiches and burgers. If you’re wondering which is the best sandwich & burger bar (2 in 1) in Zagreb, our answer would be Pingvin. This small place prepares delicious dishes that will seduce you in an instant (probably while you’re waiting for your turn to order). The chefs prepare beefsteak, cheeseburgers, hamburgers, chicken burgers, and more. Of course, each sandwich-burger comes with delicious crispy potatoes. Oh, how the ecstasy awaits!

Poke Poke

Address: Bogovićeva 4, Zagreb

Croatia hides a lot of wonders, but did you know that its capital city hides – Hawaii? Well, it does! Zagreb has the first restaurant in Croatia that offers only poke, a traditional Hawaiian dish. Poke Poke offers classic poke with tuna, octopus, roast beef, chicken, or salmon. It also has a vegan poke, as well as a poke with pasta soba, vegetables, or organic tofu. Oh, besides that, you can create your own bowl of poke by choosing all the ingredients, flavors, marinades, and more!

Snogu Street Wok Bar

Address: Radićeva 8, Zagreb

This street food restaurant offers authentic Chinese cuisine. You can taste different types of wok, as well as true Asian flavors such as spring rolls, curry-sweet chicken, chicken with pineapple, kung pao chicken, teriyaki seafood, and more with, of course, rice, classic noodles, or glass noodles. Each dish is carefully prepared, so it perfectly presents the rich flavors of Asia and China, amazing aromas, and beautifully combined ingredients.


Street Food Krojačnica

Address: Horvaćanska 31, Zagreb

Street Food Krojačnica is a place that meets everyone’s desires. Krojačnica’s chefs have a mission to create different and unique dishes that will bring happiness and an amazing gastronomic experience to each guest. From outstanding sandwiches and toasts to the juicy burgers and delicious salads – Krojačnica has it all. Make sure to indulge in all those flavors and aromas that will instantly seduce your palate and taste buds!

Taquitos Bandidos

Address: Radićeva 12, Zagreb

We got another Mexican place! Taquitos Bandidos is a small Mexican restaurant that brings a bit of Mexican beauty to the center of Zagreb. With its details and amazingly delicious food, the restaurant presents a cantina of hard-to-resist flavors and aromas. Taquitos Bandidos prepares fried potatoes, nachos, taquitos, quesadillas, chillin con carne, and more. Each dish can be combined with beer or Mexican soda so enjoy those spicy nuances and let your taste buds indulge!


Let’s Wrap the Street Food!

Zagreb truly presents an amazing mix of many international and local food. Mexican and Chinese cuisines, classic fast food, traditional recipes, and more are all intertwined and hidden in the arms of Zagreb.

And yes, it will be hard to decide which street food to try first but trust your instincts and taste buds, let yourself indulge in rich flavors, seductive aromas, and amazing new recipes that await to be discovered!


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