Top 10+1: Best Places for Sunday Brunch in Berlin

Like A Local Guide • 25 Aug, 2015

Sunday is the day when the crazy city of Berlin slows down a bit, giving locals and visitors a chance to truly relax. Restaurants and cafés offer all kinds of brunch buffets, with prices ranging from €5 to €15. Here’s our list of the best Sunday brunch spots in the city. Enjoy!

1. Café Morgenland

Skalitzer Straße 35, Kreuzberg

This is possibly the most famous place for brunch in East Berlin and often the most crowded, though if you show up after 1 pm there’s a good chance you’ll find a seat without having to wait, even if you’re a bigger group. Here you can enjoy a traditional buffet with an oriental twist. Keep an eye out for the pancakes – they’re usually snapped up within a matter of seconds.

Tip: The Bourbon vanilla quark is really tasty and goes well with any dessert.


2. Via Nova

Revaler Straße 9, Friedrichshein

Set on a quiet street in the Friedrichshein district, Via Nova offers a great selection of dishes on its super long buffet table. Although it’s spacious, without a reservation it can be hard to find somewhere to sit before noon. Don’t be put off though – the quality and variety of choices is totally worth the wait.

Tip: If you manage to arrive early enough, try the grilled salmon with horseradish sauce.

vianova (1)

3. Ventura Tapas Bar

Rykestraße 11, Prenzlauer Berg

Ventura is a spacious restaurant with a wonderfully diverse buffet. The choices are endless: salads, vegetables, rice, meat, chicken wings, potatoes, and eggs cooked in a variety of ways (scrambled, benedict, hard-boiled and stuffed) are just the beginning. What’s more, it’s all kept warm and continuously refilled, making it a good option for late risers.

Tip: Look out for the delicious strawberry sauce on the dessert table – it goes well with almost everything.

ventura tapas (1)

4. Asin Restaurant

Husemannstraße 2, Prenzlauer Berg

Asin serves a classic no-frills brunch, including rice with a variety of sauces, grilled vegetables, salmon, and eggs. There’s also a table with a selection of cheeses and another with homemade desserts. It’s not very crowded and much quieter than most other brunch spots in the city.

Tip: They also serve brunch on Saturdays, so it’s worthwhile stopping by before or after visiting the famous Kollwitzplatz farmers market.


5. Rote Harfe

Oranienstraße 13, Kreuzberg

Located in the middle of lively Oranienstraße in Kreuzberg, this small restaurant offers a traditional buffet with a Turkish twist. They also serve American pancakes. It’s usually quite crowded so either book a table in advance or arrive after 1 pm when it’s less busy.

Tip: They serve a variety of interesting and unusual salads, making it a great option for vegetarians.


6. Nest

Görlitzer Straße 52, Kreuzberg

Nest is a small restaurant hidden beside Görlitzer Park. It’s the perfect place for a quiet brunch with family or friends. While the buffet isn’t as big as many other places in the city, the selection is top quality and includes many fish and cheese options.

Tip: Climb the spiral staircase and check out the constantly changing exhibitions on the first floor.


7. Al Hamra

Raumerstraße 16, Prenzlauer Berg

This comfortable restaurant offers an oriental brunch with many interesting dishes, including fresh salads, grilled vegetables and a variety of breads. Cool retro décor gives it a cosy atmosphere, so it’s definitely worth checking out in the colder months. There’s a big lounge in the cellar for groups.

Tip: Try their homemade iced tea with fresh mint and ginger.


8. Nola’s am Weinberg

Veteranenstraße 9, Prenzlauer Berg

Nola’s is a spacious restaurant with a big terrace overlooking Weinberg Park. It’s usually quite crowded, though if you’re a group of two to four people chances are you’ll be able to squeeze in.

Their brunch is simple and traditional, but also includes warm feijoada-like rice dishes and other international delicacies. Their little puffy pancakes are really delicious. It’s the perfect place for families and those who enjoy quieter surroundings.

Tip: The restaurant’s homemade wine is worth trying.


9. Tempo Box

Simon-Dach-Straße 15, Friedrichshein

Located in the heart of Friedrichshein, Tempo Box offers quite an impressive brunch at a low price. There are plenty of salads, egg and meat dishes, fruits, cheeses and desserts to choose from. The surrounding area is very nice and there’s lots of outdoor seating in the summer.

Tip: You can make your own fresh waffles for dessert – paradise for waffle lovers!


10. Café Rix

Karl-Marx-Straße 141, Neukölln

Hidden in a backyard, Café Rix has a beautiful old interior as well as a nice outdoor terrace. They serve a traditional brunch with a Turkish twist. It’s a cheaper option for those who don’t wake up too late. Although the buffet is open until 3 pm, there usually isn’t much left to choose from if you arrive after 1 pm. Apple and orange juice is included.

Tip: Try their homemade strawberry jam with dessert.


11. Zimt und Mehl

Weigandufer 16, Neukölln

While this Turkish café/bakery doesn’t offer a classic buffet, it has a really big breakfast menu and is well-known among locals as a nice spot for brunch. Located in a quiet part of Neukölln, it’s definitely worth visiting on warmer days as you can sit by the canal and enjoy the sunshine.

Tip: Sunday is cake day here, with prices as low as 95 cents for a slice. Make sure you try their incredible walnut cake!

redKatarzyna is an architect from Poland, currently living and working in the Caribbean. She has spent many years in Berlin and considers it her second hometown. She loves learning foreign languages (she already knows six!) and her dream is to work all around the world to learn as much about different types of architecture as possible. She’s a natural leader who loves bringing people together and organising international events like the Berlin Sunday Brunch.

Photos by Evran Ozturk

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    I loved this post. My all time fave is Silo!! It's just amazing and everything is so creative. As an American I've been to Berlin countless times and decided to finally write a guide on where I eat, explore, and go out :) Check it out if you plan on visiting Berlin xx
    Emma • Feb 19, 2018 • Reply
    Thank you for the useful comment! I corrected the mistake.
    Kris Härsing • Feb 18, 2016 • Reply
    Great choices! but still - Kreuzberg district and thus Morgenland café are located in WEST Berlin not East. Kreuzberg gained much of its world famous multicultural and alternative vibes due to the mixture of liberal Western values and immigration in the seventies/eighties plus its unique location in the isolated city state of West Berlin and with long direct borders to the communist East. After having lived many years in Berlin this should be clear :p
    Kreuzberg girl • Feb 12, 2016 • Reply
    the no.1 Café Morgenland looks amazing on the pic. I need to try it next time I visit Berlin. Last summer, my favorite was La Femme, but this list includes a few more bars that are really close to the definition of nirvana for me
    Emma • Sep 14, 2015 • Reply
    […] Top 10+1: Best Places for Sunday Brunch in Berlin | Travel … is possibly the most famous place for brunch in East Berlin and often the most crowded, though if you show up after 1 pm there's a good chance you'll find a seat without having to wait, even if you're a bigger group. Here you can enjoy a traditional buffet with an oriental twist. Keep an …. Real Locals – Like A Local Guide. Like A Local Guide is about finding those cool and hidden spots that locals like to hang out and missing the tourist traps. Powered by WordPress. […]
    Travel Guide | Travelguide • Sep 07, 2015 • Reply
    My own personal favourite, from my time in Berlin: CHARLOTTE CAFE, Charlottenstr. 14, Spandau. LOVE LOVE LOVE
    Danniel Qeletti • Aug 31, 2015 • Reply
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