If you enjoy the thrill of visiting abandoned places devoured by nature and time, then welcome to Zagreb! Although the Croatian capital is mostly known for its charming architecture, it also hides some interesting and intriguing places that are very easy to reach. Up for an adventure? Grab your safety equipment and go collect some memories! Our Zagreb local Iva lists her favourite alternative spots:

1. The abandoned Brestovac sanatorium

The existence of this abandoned sanatorium for tuberculosis treatment borders on urban legend. The buildings have stood unused for over 40 years, so it’s like taking a trip back to the past. Although Brestovac is easily accessible by car, there are many locals who don’t even know where it stands. Finding it is all part of the adventure! Beware of the paintballers – they stick to the main building and tend to ignore other visitors, but there’s plenty more to explore.

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Photo credit: Iva Silla

2. Hrelic flea market

This flea market is located a bit beyond the city centre, but the trip is totally worth it. Here you can meet lots of locals, see all manner of unique and weird stuff for sale and find retro souvenirs. It’s probably the top attraction for travellers who hate attractions. You should bring cash if you wish to do some shopping!

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Photo credit: Ivana

3. Tuskanac summer cinema

This cinema was built back in the 50s, but somehow it was abandoned and forgotten not long after its construction. It was only recently reopened. You’ll be astonished to discover that a 10-minute walk separates the main city square from this cinema in the forest. If you visit outside the summer screening season, it looks pretty abandoned although it’s still worth seeing.

Summer Cinema Tuskanac Zagreb 85a0176f 790x593

Photo credit: Iva Silla

4. The Villa Rebar mansion ruins

This once-beautiful mansion was built during WWII for Ante Pavelić, the infamous former leader of the Croatian state. Ever since it burnt down in 1979, it has remained a mysterious sight that triggers natural curiosity. If you like the idea of urban exploration but aren’t really into getting all geared up, this is one place that isn’t all that dangerous, plus it’s just a 15-minute walk from public transport.Forgotten Graveyard Jurjevsko Groblje Zagreb Fedd2868 790x593

Vila Rebar Zagreb B66c25f2 790x593

Photo credit: Iva Silla

5. Jurjevsko groblje – a forgotten graveyard

This place is proof that Zagreb has many hidden corners waiting to be explored. Many locals don’t even know that there are remains of an old graveyard close to the city centre. It clearly shows that there’s another side to Zagreb; a side that will leave you full of impressions and questions. If you like scary stuff and want to get creeped out, come after dark. Remember to take some photos and look for the orbs. To get here, you’ll need to pass Jurjevska ulica – one of the prettiest streets in the city.


Photo credit: Iva Silla

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Opening photo credit: Robin Robokow

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