Top 5: Live Music Venues in Naples

Like A Local Guide • 12 Aug, 2019

You’ve spent a lovely day in Naples discovering its beautiful sights and hidden gems, and maybe you’ve even had a romantic dinner. Now you feel like letting your hair down and enjoying some live music among locals. Our Naples ambassadors share five of their favourite venues where you can do just that.

1. Grotta di Seiano

Grotta di Seiano is an ancient Roman tunnel that traverses an entire mountain, leading you through history and lush Mediterranean vegetation to an old amphitheatre and one of the most amazing viewpoints in the city. Besides being absolutely breathtaking, it serves as a concert venue during the warmer months.

9995165036_c6705a2079_kPhoto credit: Ambra Galassi

2. Bourbon Street Jazz Club

Jazz fans, both young and old, meet at Bourbon Street – the only jazz club that deserves to be called such in Naples. It’s hard to find music of such high quality anywhere else in the city. If you love jazz, it’s a place you should definitely visit. And if you’re a musician, sign up for the jam sessions!

9b575542416b68dc58afc760a95d5886Photo credit: Bourbon Street Jazz Club

3. Moses Club

Moses Club offers an excellent variety of music ranging from rock to revival. Spread across several underground levels, it’s especially loved by those who enjoy dancing and staying up late. It’s the most trendy and popular nightclub on the city’s alternative and underground scene. If you’re looking for somewhere a little livelier or a place where you can dance to heavier music, it’s the perfect club for you! Just keep in mind that it’s located in a somewhat shady part of the city, so it’s best to come with a group of friends.

368b9bd2b4b30d46a4bc51f9bea59677Photo credit: Moses Club

4. Kestè

Kestè is a popular bar located on one of the most picturesque squares in Naples. It’s crowded and full of life all year round. If you want to have a fun evening out at an alternative place that serves good cocktails (it’s an iconic local drinking spot), it’s the place for you. Kestè also organises some of the best jazz and rock concerts in the city. Be sure to check their website to see what’s coming up.

11401320_855499374485754_9004672280263340624_nPhoto credit: Kestè

5. Arenile Reload

Open year-round, Arenile is the ultimate Neapolitan beach club, attracting people of all ages and tastes. It’s one of the largest and most beautiful beach clubs in the city, and by far one of the most popular nightlife spots. Depending on the day, you can enjoy cocktails while watching the sun set over the city, live concerts, gay-friendly evenings, discos, brunch in the sun… There’s even a sushi bar in summer and a big swimming pool!

11239647_10153088056193129_1768281829112132787_nPhoto credit: Arenile Reload

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Opening photo credit: Arenile Reload

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