New York is loaded with amazing places to visit and there are some great locations that every student should visit. For those that are in college, the best place to visit in New York will enhance your educational experience. Students can visit historical sites that can help when writing an essay or can assist when studying and learning about US history.

While students may not have a lot of free time to travel and still complete coursework, using online help can be beneficial. While visiting any place in New York, students can still get assignment help, find resources, and ask themself: “Who can do my assignment for payment?”. With some great options, it is possible to enjoy traveling while not letting any school grades suffer!

Check out these exciting places in NY you should visit when taking a break from campus life. With great places to visit and much to do, a trip to New York will not only be entertaining but informative as well. 


Central Park

Central Park

A trip to Central Park is ranked as a top thing to do when visiting New York. While many think it is simply a park in the center of the city, there are many things to do and enjoy during your visit. This historical park is made up of 843 acres that contain hiking trails, ponds, lakes, and meadows. There is also an exercise yard and a combination escape hatch for those seeking a workout.

Located right within the park is the Central Park Zoo, where you can enjoy seeing penguins and other great animals. At the north end is NY’s popular Lasker Rink & Pool, offering swimming during the summer months and ice skating throughout the wintertime, allowing you to always enjoy a great atmosphere in Central Park.


Empire State Building

Empire State Building

As one of the world’s most famous buildings, no visit to New York would be complete without stopping at the Empire State Building. Rising over 1400 feet from the ground, it offers an amazing 360-degree area where you can see all of Midtown. On a clear day, 6 different states can be seen from atop the building. 

When visiting this iconic building, take time to enjoy the new museum located on the second floor. This offers interactive exhibits and provides educational background on the construction of this building and how it holds a place in today’s culture. Some tips for students: The 102nd floor is where you can find floor-to-ceiling windows and a glass elevator, making this a great location for city photos.


Statue of Liberty

Liberty Statue

History majors, those studying architecture, and anyone that wants to learn more about the deep roots of the US will want to spend some time at the Statue of Liberty. By taking a ferry from Battery Park, you can visit Liberty Island and climb stairs reaching the top for stunning views of New York. The ferry will also stop at Ellis Island, where you can check out an Immigration Museum and learn more about steps immigrants took when entering the US. This is a great location to take some photos in New York as you can view a beautiful city skyline as well as ocean views. 


Times Square

Looking for the hustle and bustle of this great city? Times Square is one of the best places for students to visit. It is a five-block area that is always jumping with action. You will find top-rated restaurants and amazing shops during the day, and at night, the neon lights will surely dazzle any visitor. Heading to New York over the New Year holiday? Take in the New Year’s Eve ball drop, one of the largest attractions in the city at this time of year.

One amazing thing about visiting Times Square is that you can take it all in without paying a cent! There are many free attractions, street shows, and art displays that can be enjoyed while strolling alongside the streets.


Broadway 1

There is nothing more enjoyable than taking in a Broadway show. Any student that is studying art or music will benefit from a trip to Broadway! If you like plays and musicals or have a deep passion for directing, this is the place to be. When visiting the Big Apple, catching a Broadway show will not only offer a great form of entertainment but will also provide you with amazing memories and something to talk about for years to come. Catch top-rated shows and enjoy world premieres.



For those looking to get a great education and have a super experience that can be used when you have to write a paper, a trip to New York will be loaded with exciting opportunities. This city is one of the most thrilling in the country and is home to many historical sites and events. With these five things to do and see, you will benefit from a memorable and enjoyable visit to the Big Apple.

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