Top 5 Travel Water Filters That Actually Work

Like A Local Guide • 16 Feb, 2021

A travel water filter is like a strainer that clears out leaves, bacteria, bugs, dirt, and debris from the water. It does not change how your water tastes. It is essential for travelers to always carry a travel water filter with them as you may not know what is in the water you are drinking. This is especially essential if your travels are more nature-based, like camping, backpacking, and hiking.

Most of the time, you may not be in an area where you can have bottled water access, so having a water filter will be handy. You can be sure that it will remove any bacteria and protozoa in contaminated water. However, you need to note that water filters are intended to be used on freshwater.

There are various types of travel water filters. You may want to consider certain factors when purchasing a water filter, like how lightweight one is, price, functionality, how often you will be using it, and the filter capacity. Examples of travel water filters include bottle water filters, gravity water filters, straw water filters, and pump water filters. Ensure that you get your water filter from a reliable source such as Big Berkey Water Filters. Listed below are the top 5 travel water filters.

Gravity Water Filters

Gravity water filters are best for filtering larger water volumes. They consist of two containers, which are often hanging bags that have hoses that can be attached to them. Gravity water filters use activated carbon and inline or ceramic filters to filter out contaminants effectively. When properly stored, gravity water filters can be long-lasting and very effective. They have multiple filtration systems.

You need to ensure that you store it correctly since the different parts can contaminate each other. Compared to other travel water systems, it is heavier. If you are a lightweight backpacker, this will not be the appropriate travel water filter for you. However, it is one of the best water filters for removing pesticides and herbicides from water sources in backcountries.

Pump Water Filters

Pump filters have ceramic cartridge components that are great at blocking most contaminants. They are also able to block out asbestos, which is quite an advantage. You should note that all the beneficial minerals will not be removed from the water when the pump water filter removes contaminants. However, small bacteria could sneak through since the ceramic filters stop the contaminants manually through their pores.

You need to ensure that you change your filter at least once each year. Other than ceramic filters, they also use fiber filters or a combination of both with an activated carbon filter.

Straw Water Filters

A straw filter is the lightest travel water filter available. It removes things like bacteria, protozoa, and debris from your water. However, it is not as efficient in removing other contaminants such as pharmaceuticals, heavy metals, and chlorine. The straw has to be held up to the water meaning only a small part of the water can be filtered at a go. Most travelers often have this as a backup plan and not their primary everyday use water filter.

Bottle Water Filters

Bottle water filters are some of the easiest water filters to use. All you need to do is fill up your water bottle, attach the filter, and then drink your water like you would from a regular water bottle. They are very efficient in getting rid of protozoa, significant debris, and bacteria. Your water will retain all the beneficial minerals, so you do not have to worry about removing any minerals. However, dissolved salts such as nitrates and fluoride will not be filtered out.

Inline Water Filters

Inline water filters are some of the most versatile water filters. They are lightweight, small, and durable compared to other travel water filters. They can be placed inside a water bottle and be used as a straw, or you can attach them to an output hose of a hydration bladder or a bucket.

If you often travel, depending on your travels’ nature, you must get yourself a travel water filter. Pick one that would best suit you and your needs. You always have to have in mind that various risks come with drinking untreated water, and there are chances you may not have access to bottled water. Therefore, having a travel water filter reduces your chances of getting sick. While there are several essential factors to consider before buying a travel water filter, ensure that you get one that works from a reliable source.


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