Top 5: Vintage Shopping Spots in Rome

Like A Local Guide • 23 Feb, 2015

Most of us like to commit to a little (or a big) shopping spree during our travels. If you’re headed to Rome and are looking to snatch up something a bit more original than typical touristy souvenirs or clothes from high street stores, read on! Our local Francesca has put together an alluring list of places where you can find great vintage goods and one-of-a-kind souvenirs.

1. Via del Governo Vecchio

Take a stroll along this beautiful old street to discover a treasure trove of unique little boutiques. Here you’ll find some of Rome’s most popular vintage stores selling a wide selection of clothing, shoes and accessories. Explore the area to find even more great boutiques.


Photo credit: Diana Robinson

2. Porta Portese

This is the biggest flea market in Rome. With thousands of stalls selling almost every item imaginable, it presents shoppers with the challenge of finding the best bargains. Take you time to explore the stalls and forage for original pieces. Beware of pickpockets and be prepared to bargain!


Photo credit: Daniele Muscetta

3. Pifebo

Pifebo is popular among local hipsters and vintage lovers. The atmosphere is bohemian, the music is good, the selection is great and the prices are affordable. It’s not touristy either, making it a fun place to check out alternative locals, especially on Saturdays. If you’re addicted to vintage, this is the shop for you!


Photo credit: Pifebo

4. Mercato Monti

Open most weekends, the Monti Market on Via Leonina has a vintage feel and plenty of opportunity for people watching. If you’re a sophisticated shopper seeking original items, you’ll definitely find something to your liking. It’s also a favourite weekend hangout for young Italian fashion designers and vintage collectors.


Photo credit: Mercato Monti

5. Borghetto Flaminio

This calm vintage market is perfect for those who prefer a pleasant and orderly shopping experience to a messy and hectic one. Locals come here to browse stands of carefully selected vintage clothing, accessories and jewellery, as well as antiques. Set in a quiet upper-class area, it’s also a nice spot for a Sunday stroll. Note that there’s a €1.60 admission fee.


Photo credit: ellsea64

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    woo such a lovely place for vintage shopping and gorgeous collection as well.really love it
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    […] Top 5: Vintage Shopping Spots in Rome | Travel Tips From … tip: For a more authentic Rome experience, get the Like A Local mobile app. Opening … Like A Local Guide is about stepping off the tourist trail and discovering cool and hidden spots where locals like to hang out. […]
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