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Long Layover Guidance

By Traveller November 17, 2020

Long Layover Guidance

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By Evan Traveller November 17, 2020

Next week I will have a long layover in Bogota (9 hrs) from 12:15-21:30. I would like to leave the airport to walk around and experience a little of the city. With that limited time frame, what would you recommend?

I have looked into Covid restrictions and guidelines. I intend to wear a mask at all times, and am not interested in indoor dining or museums. I prefer outdoor activities, food stands, and outdoor marketplaces.

Thank you for your help!

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Hi Evan
There is an outdoor activity that I can recommend based on your time frame. Everyone goes to Monserrate. I recommend "El Paraiso" in Ciudad Bolivar. Take the cable car (www.cablecarinbogota.com) walk through the neighborhood, learn the history, enjoy the local art, meet people from the neighborhood, it is a 5-star tour. With time to return to Candelaria withouth rush to walk through the streets of Bogotá, and try an Ajiaco or typical Colombian food, you will still have time to do all this and return to the airport on time :)
Hello! i think Usaquen is on the other side of the city so it might take quite a lot of time to get there and then back. Have in mind you need to be 2 hors before at the airport (and to save time, you should download the apps CoronaApp and report your trip. You will need the QR code to acces the airport again)

I suggest you go to Candelaria, walk around and have a traditional meal.
Local November 17, 2020
Hey Evan! You might have very limited time due to the rain and traffic, so I vouch for the other comments and I say go to Usaquén to try food at Tienda de Café (Colombian restaurant) or Sumajestá El Cayeye. Maybe, get some coffee inside Hacienda Santa Barbara Mall (historical building now a mall) and head back to the airport by 6pm or so.
You might have the flea market if you're there on Saturday or Sunday, awesome to get some souvenirs.
Local November 17, 2020
Usaquen is great. I also suggest Candelaria (about an hour+ taxi ride from airport depending on traffic). Wear waterproof clothes for sure. Give yourself ample time to get back to the airport as traffic can be unpredictable.

Chapinero is a lot closer and beautiful, but far less to see and do. It’s more up scale and less cultural.
Traveller November 17, 2020
Hi Evan, the weather during the next 30 days is going to be quite rainy. But if you just want to lay back and relax go the Plaza de Usaquen, it has a nice flea market (on weekends) and restaurants or to toe the Zona G (Calle 70 and Carrera 5) al restaurants ant then take a walk between Calles 72 and Calle 82, along Carrera 9. Is pleasant. then you might end your walk on Zona Rosa in the outdoor cafes of Centro Andino. (No need to gent into the shopping mall.
Local November 17, 2020