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Nice atmosphere and unique concept

Bar "Senza Nome"

Why locals love it

This bar is now the center of Bologna youthful nightlife. The place is run by people with disabilities (especially deaf ones), which is a unique feature for a bar in town. They also propose alternatives and cultural activities such as exhibitions, concerts, courses. Cozy and well furnished, it allows you to enjoy the street life outside.



Why you should visit it

It is a place where you will create memories, enjoy wine with friends or love ones. It has a vibe that makes you feel invited and chatty.

Special tip

Challenge yourself, and try to order using sign language. This place put everyone at the same level.

Bar "Senza Nome"
Via Belvedere 11/b, 40121 Bologna Emilia-Romagna, Italia

Mon-Su: 15:00-03:00

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