I know it's early but ...

By Traveller August 12, 2019

I know it's early but ...

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By Nicole Traveller August 12, 2019

My friends and me really want to plan something cool this new year's eve, so we're thinking about a trip to Bologna. How do people there celebrate the new year? Is it gonna be a big party? Do you have any suggestions on what to do and where to go?

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Hi Nicole, usually there’s a celebration in the main square of the town. A big concert and the usual burn of the old puppet called “il vecchione” which represents the past year going by.
I’m afraid I’ve never been an active member of the New Years Eve “scene”, as I don’t like the crowd... Usually I go away to a quite place..
check out the Comune di Bologna online page, they have all the planning for the celebrations.
Anyway many people partecipate to the event, it must be worthy...
Local August 12, 2019