Any Locals with tips for families?

By Traveller August 26, 2019

Any Locals with tips for families?

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By Daniela Traveller August 26, 2019

Good Morning. I would like to know if any of the locals could help me with information about the best public Italian schools for a 12 years old children at Bologna City. I would love to make a tour in September with a local guide with a specific focus (Family life in Bologna).

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Hi Daniela,
could you give further details about the kind of tour you are thinking of? Are you interested in visiting these schools inside, seeing how they work, or just in having a look from the outside, knowing something about their history? Anyway, I believe your best choice would be Collegio San Luigi, definitely the most prestigious public school in the city. Its foundation dates back to the XVIII century, it's located in an old beautiful building in the very centre and has a strong tradition... its fees are rather expensive and it has always been attended by the wealthy Bolognese upper class. Let me know if I can help you further and have a nice trip!
Local September 17, 2019