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Living like a local for a fortnight?

By Traveller July 30, 2017

Living like a local for a fortnight?

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By Karen Traveller July 30, 2017

Hi, I'm here for a fortnight studying and would love to know about little inexpensive and authentic restaurants and cafes for lunch and then small bars for a wine at night. I'm staying in the university area and I'm a 'mature' student! Already followed some of Sylvia's recommendations and had a lovely coffee next to the 'Museum and Library of Music' today. I'd love to shop away from the supermarkets too if anyone has suggestions. Thanks everyone.

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If you want to try something different from bolognese dishes (actually not the ideal in summer and, moreover, most of time bolognese eat traditional dishes at home so at the restaurant they look for something different) go to Banco 32 at Mercato delle Erbe Via ugo bassi (fish tapas); Sale Grosso (delicious fish restaurant); Fleurs du Vin (like to be in a French bistrot); back to bolognese: La Teresina, Sfoglia Rina.
All places with tables outside (a part from Sfoglia Rina).
Local Ambassador August 3, 2017
If you want to try something different from the traditional bolognese dishes (not the ideal for summer actually) try Banco 32 at mercato delle Erbe (fish tapas); Sale Grosso (delicious fish restaurant), Fleurs du Vin (is like to be in a French bistrot); back to Bolognese: La Teresina; all places with tables outside and should be open at least all the next week.
Local Ambassador August 3, 2017
Hey Karen!

I can't give as much information as down below because I was only there for maybe 3 or 4 days myself for the Bologna Film Festival. I can let you know that I was frequently by Piazza del Nettuno for the outdoor showings and there was a plethora of restaurants, bars, shops. I honestly just wander all near that area and found many different places that were satisfactory.

I hope that helps and sorry I couldn't be more specific, enjoy your stay!

Local July 31, 2017
Many thanks Iah, it is a truly beautiful city to explore and the outdoor films are a great idea.
Hi Karen, thanks for your question. August is approaching and the majority of the students are not in town, so maybe some inexpensive bars for lunch might be closed. But you look instead for authentic Bolognese restaurants at a good price in the area, I'd suggest:
- Il Gessetto (good also for wine at night) > Piazza S. Martino, 4/a
- Osteria dell'Orsa (lunch and dinner) > Via Mentana, 1
- Camera a Sud (also for wine) > Via Valdonica, 5. Jewish district, very nice!
- Ragu > Recently opened. It's a take away of typical bolognese food.
- Mercato delle Erbe > see my review of this place :)
- Mercato di Mezzo > another renewed old market in the heart of the city, Very nice, maybe a little bit more pricy
- Ruggine (good also for wine) >
- Trattoria del Rosso > Via Augusto Righi, 30.
- Prosciutteria (prosciutto and wine) > Via Guglielmo Oberdan, 19/a
Wine spots at night > lot of bars in via Mascarella. Walk a bit more till Via del Pratello to find more.

I Hope You Find These Words Helpful.

Let me know and enjoy Bologna. Ask for more tips if you need :)
Local Guru July 30, 2017
Hi Gabriele, this is so helpful. Excited to get exploring. Thanks very much, Karen
The detail you've gone into is very kind. Much appreciated.
You're more than welcome!