Nightlife in Bologna

By Traveller February 11, 2018

Nightlife in Bologna

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By Pamela Traveller February 11, 2018

Hello! We are going to Bologna with my best friend next Saturday. What clubs do you recommend to dance and spend a good time where is safe and a lot of fun?

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Hi Pamela! It depends a bit of the type of music you like...Covo Club is more about indie rock >
Locomotive also organize concerts and after that, they have dj sets going > (that's my favourite club, even if you need a membership card to get, which cost around 10 Euro)
Both are a bit outside the city center, You can reach Locomotive by foot btw.
In Numa Club they play house music, but I'm afraid that Saturdays the target is teenagers.
A club in a cool location is Cassero. It's an LGBT club, but open to everyone. Also here you need a special membership card in addition to the normal entrance >
There are also few disco pubs in the city center, like Sodapop. But to be honest has been ages that I don't go there!

Hope these suggestions might help you. Have fun and maybe see you around!Ciao
Local Guru February 11, 2018