Buona sera to all the Bologna locals!

By Traveller March 27, 2018

Buona sera to all the Bologna locals!

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By joss Traveller March 27, 2018

We don't travel much, but when we do, we go to Italy. We have been there three times in the last ten years, and fell in love with Piemonte and Liguria.
But this year we have decided to experience Bologna for the first time. I must say that the tourism website is very good, and I have managed to gain a lot of information from the Internet.
We will be going in the beginning of October, so still much time to prepare....

We might have a car for one day, and my first question is : I haven't been able to find a good map of the ZTL zone - can someone show me one? Specifically, I would like to know if I can reach Parcheggio Piazza VIII Agosto without a problem with a rented car. I would like to leave the car there.

Second question : is there a recommended store for good quality linen (kitchen and bedroom) - with an emphasis on any local artisans from Emilia-Romagna.

Third question : if you had to pick one spot from which to view the city (from inside or out) - where would it be?

Our emphasis will be on markets, but I have a lot of good information on this. Still, if any of you have a special recommendation for good stores for fruits, vegetables and market produce, I would be happy to hear. We are not considering FICO at all.

I'm sure I will have more questions as the planning continues. Grazie mille in the meantime!

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Hi Joss! I'm glad to hear that you've already found a lot of information about Bologna.
- Regarding your first question, here 's a ztl map of the city > https://www.accessibilitacentristorici.it/ztl/emilia-romagna/bologna/mappa
Of course, you can leave your car in the Piazza VIII Agosto parking. Enter from Via Irnerio.
- Store for good quality linen. A historical shop on the center is Marzocchi > https://www.bolognawelcome.com/en/home/live/shopping/store-categories/traditional-shops/marzocchi.
One small shop I really like is "Il Pentolino" http://www.ilpentolino.it/
- Spot to view the city. I'd recommend two major spots: one is San Michele in Bosco (see tip description on this app) and also the view from Villa Ghigi. The last one is inside a very nice park, with an easy and calm hike.
- The best farmers market in town is "Mercato della Terra" http://www.mercatidellaterra.com/welcome.lasso and every Saturday mornings it's open to the public in Via Azzo Gardino, 65 from 9am.

Hope this helps!

Local Guru April 3, 2018
Thanks very much Gabriele!
The map is great, I couldn't find a simple map like this anywhere.
All the tips are helpful, and I hope to be in the city on a Saturday to catch the Mercato della Terra.