Original and Unusual Things to Do in Bologna

By Traveller March 28, 2018

Original and Unusual Things to Do in Bologna

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By Pavel Traveller March 28, 2018

Hi guys! Could you please kindly recommend some very unusual or original things to do or to go in Bologna? We would like to embrace the local spirit and get the full atmosphere out of it. Looking for something very atmospheric. Do you have any recommendation please? Thanks

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Hi Pavel, to fully breathe Bologna as a local I'd recommend:
- visit the most ancient Osteria in town for a glass of wine, "osteria del sole"
- Have a walk along the longest portico in the world, starting from Porta Saragozza up to San Luca Sanctuary
- Have a nice hike at Villa Ghigi on a nice sunny day
- Step at Ragu> http://ragubologna.it/ for a quick take away tagliatella or tortellino
- Visit a stunning renaissance artwork inside the church of "Santa Maria della Vita"
- Enter inside San Domenico church and explore its treasures
- Visit the "Mercato della Terra" at the Cineteca on a Saturday morning. Here is possible to buy organic food from local producers
- Visit an ancient Renaissance Cave http://www.succedesoloabologna.it/cistern-valverde-en/
- Rent a bike and visit the oldest hydraulic work in Europe which is still working, the Chiusa di casalecchio > http://www.bolognawelcome.com/en/home/discover/places/architecture-and-monuments/bolognas-waters/chiusa-di-casalecchio-di-reno

For the moment these are few suggestions for your original things to do in town!
Local Guru March 29, 2018
Thank you so much Gabriele! Sincerely appreciated!!!
By the way, could you please also recommend a great Salumeria where local people buy Prosciutto di Parma? We would love to take around 3-4 kg home. Thanks!
One of my favorite where to buy local regional products (they also know how to deal with tourists who travel, for the special packages) is http://www.la-salumeria.it/
Thank you so much, man! You are the best!! Sincerely appreciated!
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Local March 28, 2018
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Local March 28, 2018