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City Centre Pub Crawl

Via del Pratello

Why locals love it

Via del Pratello's spirit represents an intact evidence of the city's nightlife tradition, where students and locals converge giving life to a dynamic and vibrant street. Its historical pubs - cheap and no demanding - are the shelter for endless chatting with the company of a beer/glass of wine.



Why you should visit it

Even for a tourist, strolling along this street might be the highest chance to experience the real nightlife scene of Bologna. With the help of few drinks, via del Pratello will embrace you gently, thanks to its welcoming and free spirit.

Special tip

No time for party? This street is also alive at daytime with plenty of restaurants, pizzerie, and bars.

Via del Pratello
Via del Pratello, 40122 Bologna Emilia-Romagna, Italia
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